Action-related email features in Advantage Customs

Email Automation

In all areas of transport-involved companies, there is a need to obtain information in a timely manner. For example, requirements consist of logistics to inform the recipient at the same time at the time of the opening of a shipment of goods. Conversely, it is of interest to the principal to obtain information on the receipt of the goods from the consignee. Email automation in the Advantage Customs customs software meets these requirements.

Service providers want to inform their customers about the current status of an import check, a safekeeping stock or an export transaction as part of a service in order to create transparency in the dispatch of goods.


Your benefits through email automation

  • Automatic and action-based e-mail
  • For all shipments and exports
  • Inform all parties at the push of a button
  • Simplified communication
  • Quickly receive information

Meets e-mail automation requirements

Advantage Customs allows you to automatically and action-relatedly send e-mails about shipments and exports to the recipient or participating service companies. Advantage Customs offers support to simplify communication in a variety of procedures.

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Simplify communication with the Advantage Customs email feature

You can customize the email function according to your needs. For example, you can send automated e-mail to stakeholders in the process. Here is a brief overview of the possibilities of e-mail automation:

Procedure NCTS

After opening a shipping procedure via NCTS, Advantage Customs can automatically generate e-mails and send them to a recipient stored in the process. The mail contains in the appendix the shipping companion or opening document and in the subject the MRN with the words “NCTS – zV/NV opened”.

The triggering event is the receipt of the message E_ZV_MAN or E_ZV_AUT in the simplified procedure or message E_TN_ACK in the normal procedure.

In the NCTS Receive section in Advantage Customs, an email can be sent to any recipient as soon as the unloading permit (E_UP) is received.

Alternatively, this is also possible when the input display is displayed. The e-mail contains the MRN and the addition “received by the zE” in the subject. In the appendix, the data of the input display are clearly attached as reporting data in PDF format.

SumA – Summary Registration

In the suma area, it is helpful and important to be informed about the start of the deadline. In this e-mail function, it is possible to enter a pre-warning period in days before the deadline of the SumA stock. This will provide you with automated information in good time with a list of SumA operations where the registration deadline expires in the next few days.

AES Automated Export System – ATLAS Export

The AES section enables the generation of automatic e-mails in Advantage Customs after the opening/presentation of an export procedure. At the same time, they are sent to a recipient registered in the process. It is possible to specify more than one e-mail address.

Recipients can be notified of various actions, such as acceptance, release, investigation, non-acceptance, cancellation, confirmation outcome, etc.

Another configuration option is the e-mail subject line. This can be assigned with dynamic values such as the reference number, the country of destination, MRN, user, loading location, etc.

Cross-procedural customs status feedback

It is possible to generate e-mails by the user from all status changes by means of a customs response (in case of release, error message, rejection, etc.) or from the reporting data (customs value info, tax notice). Customs documents, such as the tax notice, can be sent as a PDF attachment.

It should be noted that sending e-mails generally does not have a customs-law-related objection, but serves only as a simple and fast means of information.

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