The CARGO ONLINE Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software expansion helps you to professionally manage your customer relationships. Together with our experienced partners, we are offering a tool that enables you to see all the information you need to know about your customers at a glance.

Customer Relationship Management for logistics service providers

CARGO ONLINE CRM is tailor-made for the special requirements in the logistics industry. The web application accesses your existing customer data and address data, thereby avoiding redundant entries. 

An absolute advantage here: the modern user interface of the CRM tool is optimised for touchpads, smartphones and tablet PCs! Field staff can prepare for and follow up on customer appointments from anywhere.

CRM WITH CARGO ONLINE Active development and strengthening of customer relationships

The CRM tool enables you to actively develop and strengthen your customer relationships.. Evaluate your customers using customised criteria. The complete application system for your customer and sales data is equipped with the following functions:

  • Quick search for required data
  • Integrated quotation follow-up
  • Recording of competitors
  • Integration of orders (shipping data)

The CARGO ONLINE software expansion also impresses users with its high levels of functionality and user-friendliness. The special, automated follow-up systems for scheduling keeps the distribution cycle flowing. You can also display your customers and their sites in the vicinity via a graphical representation.

Get a crucial competitive advantage

By using CARGO ONLINE in conjunctions with the CRM expansion, you can achieve a crucial competitive advantage.


Strategic action

  • Improved customer relationships
  • Exploit new cross-selling potentials
  • A better foundation for quick and correct decision making
  • Use of a central customer database
  • Sales control and management information system

Successful sales

  • More time to win new customers
  • Customer segmentation, e.g. according to industry or shipment structure
  • ABC analysis, e.g. according to turnover, shipping volume or tonnage
  • Proper assessment of customers
  • Immediate response to customer enquiries by all employees
  • Proactive customer contact
  • Mobile database
  • Simple and reliable sales reporting

Efficient marketing

  • Improved data analysis for promotions
  • Address exactly the right target groups
  • Less advertising wastage
  • Simple control/implementation of mailing processes

Optimised processes

  • All customer data and relevant information available at a glance
  • Shorter searching and preparation times
  • Simple processing of quotes, routing orders and sales leads
  • Linking and coordination of customer interfaces

Satisfied customers

  • Improve your services
  • Increase levels of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty
  • Win back customers
  • Improve your public image

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In addition to the CRM expansion, the following modules are also available in our freight forwarding software CARGO ONLINE :

There are also a wide range of expansions available, including Compliance, CRM, Track&Trace, Business Intelligence and many more.


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