In today's world, internationally active companies must observe a wide range of legal provisions and regulations. A part of this is the classification of goods within a customs tariff — tariff classification. The relevant customs duties, tax rates and licensing requirements for the goods can be deduced from the customs tariff number. Classification errors can have serious and costly consequences. With Advantage Compliance Tariff Classification, you can find the right customs tariff number in an instant.


Incorrect tariff classification can have both financial and legal consequences. With the new amendment to §147 para. 6 of the German Tax Code, digital tax audits play a significant role when it comes to the need for correct classification of goods. However, other financial and legal aspects are also of significance in addition to customs audits:

  • Can preferences be utilised?
  • Have the correct amounts been paid for taxes and duties?
  • Are embargoes and/or limitations in place?
  • Are additional documents required?
  • Does the export require a licence/approval?
  • Are the goods subject to anti-dumping regulations?


This module aids the sustainable documentation of correctly determined commodity codes. Item data can be read through an interface and directly allocated. The article master can also be designed with international functionality. The renowned content provider, dbh, guarantees data that is always up-to-date and ensures that changes are taken into account automatically.

A processing assistant helps with the creation and classification of new items. Set items and assortments items can also be classified and managed effortlessly. The module shows recommendations for the classification of comparable items. The Tariff Classification function provides more ways to determine the correct commodity code: a direct search in the goods nomenclature, browsing the keyword index or combing through already classified items.

The goods classification module has interfaces to other dbh modules. Therefore, classified items can passed on to export control.


  • Support for correct clarification of your items
  • Automatic updating of commodity codes (electronic customs tariff)
  • Interfaces to customs and foreign trade systems
  • Management of set items and assortment items
  • Integration of data from existing ERP systems

SAP plug-in for tariff classification

With our SAP plug-in, you can integrate tariff classification directly into your SAP system. You can also find out about more SAP plug-ins from dbh.

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dbh Tariff Classification is an intelligent classification aid. It can be used independently or implemented in your existing Advantage Compliance system.

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