Together with online platform IT-Talents, dbh Logistics IT AG (dbh) is supporting and challenging young talented individuals as part of a code competition


As a result of the digital transformation that we are experiencing, there is a growing need for qualified specialists who can actively shape this change. The IT-Talents programme is committed to developing young IT talent and bringing these talented young individuals into contact with companies.
As experts in IT logistics, dbh also believes that information technology will play a significant role in shaping the future. This is why the Bremen-based software company is a partner of the platform. After all, brilliant minds are needed to recognise and exploit new opportunities.
dbh is supporting and challenging young talented individuals in the context of a code competition . The challenge is to develop a program while taking into account certain factors. The total prize money up for grabs is EUR 1000.


The competition kicked off on 1 October. The creative young developers now have until 31 October to take part in the code competition. The idea for the competition came about through a collaboration between dbh and IT-Talents. 

Following the theme "The dynamic dungeon", participants have to develop a game. In this game, players must make their way through a dynamically generated playing field—with the player's path obstructed in a similar way to a labyrinth—to find the exit in order to reach the next level. Special features also need to be taken into account when programming, for example opponents or items that need to be avoided and/or trigger an effect if the player comes into contact with them.

What does it have to do with dbh? In the context of logistics, the game could be programmed so that a loaded lorry must be guided through a terminal at the port to the ship. Containers block the way (labyrinth) and other lorries cross the path as opponents. A time factor could also be included. If the player is not fast enough, the ship leaves the port without the cargo. The imagination of young software developers knows (almost) no bounds.


The competition is open to all members of IT-Talents. Any individuals with a talent for IT who do not yet have an account can register to join the talent pool. Once all entries have been assessed, the winners will be notified in December.

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