The typical users of portos Harbour Master are small and medium-sized ports with a capacity of 200,000 to around 10 million tonnes per year.  The program is generally used by the organisational unit of the port, which carries out the statutory tasks of the port authority or performs similar functions in the private sector. If they have the appropriate authorisation, port customers are granted access to the system and can enter ship notifications and port orders themselves.  


  • Ship notification
  • Berth scheduling
  • Status information about the ship and cargo
  • Port order
  • Billing and invoicing of services
  • Reporting

SHIPPING TRAFFIC AND PORT ORDERS portos Harbour Master helps you with administrative processes in ports

Administrative processes are performed significantly more quickly with portos Harbour Master. The cost calculation tool performs standard processes in an instant and makes sure that nothing goes uncharged. Superior offices, port customers and safety authorities receive up-to-date information. All relevant information is always available thanks to the documentation of all processes. The system can also be used as a reliable port log book.


Ships are reported with information on their technical properties and the load they are carrying. This is done either on the Internet, via email, over the telephone, by sending a document or through a personal visit.

Ship shifts can be registered directly using mobile end devices. All ship movements are displayed in a table and also shown on the electronic port map.


portos Harbour Master can be used for the scheduling and monitoring of berths. Scheduling also includes infrastructural elements of ports, e.g. locks and access channels.

The scheduler works with entries in a table or directly in the graphic display. The current ship statuses are displayed in different colours. Planning data and historical data can be viewed easily.


Even small and medium-sized ports often function as a terminal and receive corresponding port orders. Along with scheduling of operating resources, these activities also require the recording and invoicing of services. This includes port fees, crane times, handling services and additional services, such as shifting, towing services, mooring services, shore connection services etc.

The services are requested or ordered from the port authority by the customer electronically or in the conventional manner. The port master confirms the orders based on the scheduling of operating resources and personnel and suggests appropriate target dates.

After finalisation, a message containing the determined actual data is sent in the system by the shift manager. If the customer has the appropriate authorisation, they can check on the status of the commissioned work at any time.


portos Harbour Master contains an invoicing program for convenient billing of port orders. In this program, a final check of the services rendered is then performed and these are then released for invoicing.

A monitoring program ensures that no services go uncharged. Corrections can be made to the released services, and therefore the invoice, at any time.

portos Harbour Master supports individual and collective invoices for fixed monthly deadlines. Invoices can also be sent electronically. After the closing of the books (at the end of the day or at the end of the accounting month), the outgoing invoices file is printed out. This is sent to the financial accounting system, e.g. DATEV, via an interface, along with the corresponding invoices.


The reporting system delivers reports for statistical regional and federal offices. In addition to the standard evaluations provided, individual reports can be created incredibly easily through data transfer to MS Excel.

PORTOS HARBOUR MASTER Can be expanded with Advantage Port Operation System products

The portos Harbour Master software is specially designed to provide support for customary industry processes in ports and can be implemented quickly: portos Harbour Master can be expanded with the following add-on programs:

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