Track & Trace in the shipping process

With Advantage Delivery’s integrated Track & Trace, you and your customers always have an eye on every shipment

As a rule, customers or the recipients of the goods have the following questions:

  • Who delivers the goods?
  • When is the scheduled delivery date?
  • How many packages does the shipment have?

These questions provide basic requirements for the shipping process and the provision of information.

Versandsoftware Advantage Delivery

Selection of service providers made easy

From packaging to provision in the loading zone to customs declarations: As shipping numbers and distribution countries grow, the number of CEP service providers employed and their individual agreements are generally increasing. Anyone who wishes to make binding statements about prices and delivery dates must know the services of their partners involved. Our shipping software has interfaces to THE CEP and shipping companies.

Transparency for customers and businesses

Paketverfolgung im Versandprozess integriertAdvantage Delivery meets the expectations of the recipient and knows the connected service providers. It provides evaluable information, such as delivery time and service provider obligation. The recipient can retrieve all relevant data via the Internet. For example, it receives an overview of the shipping operations with an indication of the number of packages and can track the transport via Track & Trace. In addition, documents such as invoices can be made available for download to the recipient there.

Entry confirmation covered

In the case of intra-Community deliveries, the confirmation of receipt shall be deemed to be proof of all modes of transport. With the track & trace function of our shipping software, this detection is already covered by the track & trace protocols of the KEP and shipping service providers (if available). If receipts for receipts are required outside the Track & Trace, this process can also be guaranteed via the advantage customs software.

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