Modern shipment handling is characterised by a large number of process steps, several involved parties and various IT systems. Networking all of these aspects together creates a much more efficient process. With Advantage Delivery, we are offering flexible shipping software for transparent and, above all, efficient shipping processing. 


  • Improved customer service
  • Provide quick and reliable updates
  • Shorter processing times
  • Save on time and costs
  • Transparent processes
  • Networking of all parties involved
  • Measurable quality of service providers 


Advantage Delivery adapts to the existing IT environment and internal company processes and provides support for efficient shipment processing.

Here, it does not matter from which source system or in what condition the data was transferred via the interface. If the system-supported packing process is part of the dispatch handling workflow, users have the option of being guided through the working steps by a processing wizard. Advantage Delivery performs a validation, detects missing or incorrect entries and indicates the fields in which these occur. Orders that have already been packed can also be transferred onto the system.

Whether they are used in the packing process or to transfer orders that have already been packed, customised bar code labels and additional customisable labels and documents can be printed out directly from Advantage Delivery.

SHIPPING SOFTWARE Interface between the systems

A shipping system is used as a linking element between the individual IT systems and helps to ensure that the entire process is organised more efficiently and transparently through channelling of the data. The shipping system controls internal and external communication — i.e. communication between the different departments and communication with CEP service providers and freight forwarders.

With Advantage Delivery, dbh Logistics IT AG is offering a shipping software solution that meets all these requirements and networks all parties involved.

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SHIPPING HANDLING Increased efficiency thanks to simple handling

Advantage Delivery supports your shipping processing with functions that can be flexibly adapted to suit your processes. With dbh shipping software, a wide range of processes can also be performed automatically and organised more efficiently.


  • Transfer of shipment data from previous systems (ERP/WMS/TMS)
  • Optional control of packaging processes (processing assistant)
  • Optional collaborative packing process and consolidated shipment
  • Automated customs declarations
  • Print customisable labels and documents
  • Specific data transmission to the transport service provider (CEP service providers and freight forwarders)
  • Shipment overviews
  • Shipment tracking (track & trace) using your own corporate design
  • Entry certificate
  • Processing of hazardous goods
  • Checking of freight invoices
  • Provision of information for customers via the Internet (cargo lists, invoices etc.)



Advantage Delivery also separates itself from the competition thanks to its multi-client capability. Thanks to this capability, several clients can be created in the software system, each of which can access their own data (client-specific data management). Within these clients, the relevant users can access the data simultaneously.


An additional factor in goods traffic with business partners outside of the EU is the necessary customs clearance process. Advantage Delivery features an interface to the dbh customs software Advantage Customs. The data that is relevant for  customs clearance  can be sent to Advantage Customs directly, eliminating the need for manual entry. Information about the status of goods at customs, e.g. the status of the release for shipment, can also be accessed.


For all modes of transport, the entry certificate is considered as valid proof for intra-Community deliveries. With Advantage Delivery, this requirement to provide proof of origin is covered by the Track & Trace function.

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