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dbh is a service provider for software, consulting and solutions along the complete supply chain. With more than 40 years of experience, we support over 2,500 customers from small businesses to large enterprises acting European wide or worldwide in industry and trade, forwarding and logistics, as well as in shipping and ports.

Our employees’ comprehensive industry know-how in customs, foreign trade, trade compliance, logistics, port, SAP and IT makes dbh a competent and future- oriented partner.

Your advantages: We support you to optimise your global trade, risk management and logistics processes with proven, robust, affordable and state-of-the art logistics and trade software with low ROI time.


With software from dbh you will comply to legal requirements on a national and international scale, speed up the flow of goods, save on customs and tax costs and manage your processes efficiently and securely. Good reasons to choose our solutions!

The dbh solutions and corresponding modules are available both as SaaS (ASP) and in-house solution. As a stand-alone solution or integrated, our software supports you to optimise your global trade, risk management and logistics processes. Our solutions follow a modular structure: you only pay for the solution that you really need. All the modules work perfectly in harmony with each other and the system is expandable at any time with little effort. With an extensive range of interfaces, extensions to enterprise resource planning systems e.g. SAP and different operating options, our solutions fit perfectly into your IT environment.


All companies in the EU thus also in The Netherlands are obliged to comply with the legally binding EU- and Dutch rules & regulations on Trade Compliance. This means that trade compliance checks are mandatory.  Compliance checks are based upon the idea to only do business with trustworthy business partners. 

In case your company is AEO certified, your company risks losing the AEO status when it is not compliant to the applicable set of rules & regulations.

Compliance checks can be performed manually or automatically with an ICT-solution. Given the substantial number of updates of the sanction lists per country, manual checks are very time-consuming and thus costly. A more efficient way is to use a trade compliance software solution. Our dbh trade compliance solution ‘Advantage Compliance’ supports you to assure that most frequently used sets of compliance rules (e.g. EU, NL, USA etc.) are taken into consideration, and that relevant compliance checks are automatically performed.

Benefits are: to avoid fines or cost as a result of damaged brand awareness due to becoming involved in unwanted ´cases`. 

Advantage Compliance includes the following modules

  • Sanctioned Party Lists Screening (SPL-screening): Checking organisational entities and persons e.g. against sanctions lists of EU, The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, UK, The US (various lists), Canada, Australia and even Asian sanction lists.
  • Export Control: check on goods level: is end use normal / dual-use or military? Check on country of destination: are there any embargoes?
  • Tariff Classification: Supporting the classification of goods in the customs tariff

By the way: all modules are also available as easy to integrate SAP plug-ins.  


Our products for customs and foreign trade are ideally suitable for international trade thanks to standardised interfaces and certified software. All modules are also available as SAP plug-ins and can be implemented instantly in existing SAP systems.

Learn how our solution can help you

  • Customs Clearance: All customs procedures in Europe with one interface. Also a local Customs solution for The Netherlands is available.
  • EU Pre-Declaration: Create and send entry and exit summary declarations in the required country specific format
  • Supplier’s Declaration, Preference Calculation and Origin of Goods: Easy and convenient management of Free Trade Agreements (FTA) and incoming and outgoing supplier's declarations.


As SAP Service Partner we offer software extensions to easily expand your SAP system with new functions. These SAP ‘plug-ins’ can be implemented instantly in existing SAP systems. In addition, dbh’s SAP consultants are ready to assist you with optimising trade and logistics processes.

Our SAP software extensions support your processes in customs and foreign trade, as well as in compliance and risk management and help you to profit from fiscal advantages.

Learn how you can benefit from our SAP Solutions

  • Import and Export of Goods – Automate electronic clearance of import and export
  • Document Monitoring – Create your customary-relevant documents with free text indications
  • Origin of Goods and Preferences – monitor incoming and outgoing supplier’s declarations and display status messages in your SAP ERP
  • Sanctions Lists Screening – check your business contacts against existing sanctions lists
  • Tariff Classification – monitor and transfer materials to comfortably determine correct customs tariff numbers
  • Export Control – check business objects like SD assignments or MM orders on embargos, dual-use rules and critical countries and goods
  • Entry Certificate – create your Entry Certificate with an appropriate plug-in directly out of SAP
  • VAT ID Inspection – compares data saved in SAP with data registered as company data of the corresponding EU member states
  • EMCS – allows to process transport of goods subject to excise duty


Easily manage the large number of process steps of dispatch handling and interlink all involved parties without great effort.

As a connector between merchandise management, warehouse management, transport service providers, and customs clearance, Advantage Delivery increases efficiency and transparency in shipments.

The software provides one frontend and interface to all courier, express, and parcel services and is fully integrable in your business processes. Advantage Delivery adopts shipment data from previous systems, prints shipment label and loading lists, and offers a wide range of additional functions e.g.: service finder to identify the most adequate carrier or service, interfaces to scales, hazardous materials processing, standardised tracking and tracing, summary of planned costs to support invoice control, and many, many more.

Your benefit: avoid errors, speed up operational handling and therefore optimise the dispatch process and improve efficiency.

Hear how your dispatch handling can be optimised by Advantage Delivery


In 1973 the worldwide first Port Community System - developed by dbh - went into operation. Nowadays, our solutions are especially adapted to the challenges of various sea and inland ports. Whether port authority, container logistics, cargo handling, or organisation of hinterland traffics, optimise your logistics processes with our software products and simplify the data transfer with your partners.

The dbh Port Community System is a central information system with comprehensive functions to interlink different data processing systems of port industry and authorities:

  • Electronic port orders with connections to customs for sea ports of the north-west range and Germany
  • Import, export, and transshipment processing for ship owners, terminals, and freight forwarders in conformity with customs law
  • Various solutions for global transmission of the SOLAS VGM (Verified Gross Mass) to shipping companies.

  • Optimisation of truck transports as well as status information on containers

Further software products and services complete the portfolio:

  • Dispatch and handling of rail cargo
  • Central electronic declaration of dangerous goods and stock overview
  • Port authority system to fulfill administrative tasks in the sea port
  • "National Single Window" authority notifications for ship calls in sea ports
  • Order processing for container packing stations and cargo handling companies
  • Standard software for sea and inland ports consisting of the modules harbour master, warehousing, terminal, rail, and video gate

As a partner of different international projects we are involved in the development of ports. Our logistics experts offer consultation, software development, and project implementation for the international and national port industry.

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