Advantage Archive

Audit-proof long-term archiving of business documents

Digital long-term archiving makes it possible to store the ever-increasing amounts of data permanently, at any time available and audit-proof.

In Germany, however, electronic archive systems must comply with the requirements of the Commercial Code, the Tax Code, the principles for the proper keeping and storage of books, records and documents in electronic form, as well as data access (GoBD) and other tax and commercial requirements.

Advantage Archive meets all requirements for proper audit-proof archiving and thus supports you on the way to a continuous digitization of your business processes. And thus creates space in the office and archive room.


Benefits of Advantage Archive

  • Audit-proof storage of documents in the ISO-certified German data center
  • No invest in cost-intensive archive software
  • Flexible scalable storage space
  • Second-time and location-independent access including extensive search function
  • Cost and space savings by reducing the paper content
ISO 27001

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Secure archiving in the dbh cloud

All internal management and configuration data is stored in a database system in the security-certified dbh data center. An encryption technique ensures that archived documents can no longer be modified (=audit-proof) or viewed without permission.

The archive is accessed via a protected web client or, if necessary, directly SSL-secured from the applications, so that all important documents and files are centrally and quickly available. An integrated full-text search allows you to quickly find all documents. Index terms obtained automatically from field and file contents can also be used for this purpose.

Digitale Langzeitarchivierung für Geschäftsdokumente

With dbh Advantage Archive for audit-proof and flexible land time archiving for business documents

Your way to the digital archive

Advantage Archive can be used in many ways and adapts perfectly to your needs and processes:

  • Archiving of locally scanned documents of any kind and transfer to the archive by scan clients
  • Archiving of metadata and documents from other applications (personnel files, accounting, forwarding software, e-mail server, etc.) via interfaces
  • Optional workflow management via additional modules, e.g. for contract management or expense reports

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