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Optimize your shipping logistics with a smooth data flow, standardized processes, shorter processing times, maximum transparency and more flexibility. With our Advantage Delivery multicarrier shipping software, we provide you with a holistic system that bundles the entire shipping process, from shipping preparation to the automated creation of freight orders and data transfer to transport service providers to invoice verification, in a single application. And can be seamlessly integrated into your existing merchandise management systems such as SAP.

So that your shipping processing becomes a success factor.

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Why the dbh Multi Carrier shipping system?

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Save time and resources

Less manual effort and massive acceleration through automation of your processes. The integration of ERP and other upstream systems, the accessibility of all your transport service providers via an interface to dbh and the inclusion of adjacent processes make it possible. A uniform user interface for all transport service providers ensures smooth and error-free processes with minimized training time in all phases of dispatch processing. With Advantage Delivery, a process with many steps can be reduced to a handful of clicks or even fully automated thanks to our workflow management.

Easy connection of all transport service providers

Only a single interface to dbh! The connection and data communication with all carriers (freight forwarders, courier, express and parcel service providers) is managed centrally by us. Our shipping system automatically takes into account the specific requirements for labels, documents or loading lists. Changes to the service provider interface or to the specifications? You won’t notice any of this, because we are constantly updating it. A change of transport service provider or the addition of another one is therefore possible quickly and easily without any technical effort on your part.

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Shipping carton balanced on an index finger.

360 degree transparency

You and the sales team maintain a maximum overview of all freight orders, information on packages and the progress of your shipments. To ensure that other areas of the company also benefit from up-to-date data, it is possible to return the status to your upstream systems. Maximum transparency for your customers too: the integrated Track & Trace function automatically sends tracking e-mails and also provides the recipient with documents such as invoices.

Optimize shipping costs

Turn five into one: the integrated shipment consolidation runs fully automatically, so that you not only save costs directly by consolidating shipments, but also eliminate the need for manual effort in the hectic day-to-day shipping business. In addition, our freight costs module helps your employees to quickly find the most cost-effective service provider for the shipping case at hand from all possible options. A rule-based control system enables further automation of this process step. Knowing your actual expenses also opens up savings potential: Manage even large tariff structures, calculate freight costs and simplify your freight audit. Incoming freight cost invoices are automatically checked, miscalculations are identified and additional costs are avoided.

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Win-win for customs and shipping

More added value through networking: integrated customs clearance via the dbh Advantage Customs software speeds up your processes for individual parcels and collective customs clearance of entire pallets. At the same time, it ensures that no parcel is handed over to the transport service provider without an export accompanying document. Functions such as sanctions list check and confirmation of arrival ensure further acceleration and legally secure your shipping process.

Facts, figures and data

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More than 200 transport service providers with a connection to dbh.

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Whether 5 or 5,000,000 parcels – Advantage Delivery is stable.

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From print job to label in 1.5 seconds.

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Recommended by leading transport service providers.

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Customers who trust us

The solution reduces the workload of colleagues and improves customer service at the same time.

Anna Offermann, Project Manager Dr. Babor GmbH & Co. KG

Functions at a glance

Shipment data transfer from pre-systems (ERP/WMS/TMS)

  • Multi-interface capable: Advantage Delivery transfers data such as delivery bills, packages, items, etc. directly from the upstream system – whether ERP, WMW/LVS, TMS, webshop or individual system.
  • Standard interfaces to a variety of systems, including SAP Business Objects and S4/HANA
  • By the way: Advantage Delivery can also be used in black box mode, so that users can work with their familiar ERP system interface.

Central data exchange with all transport service providers

  • 200+ carriers (freight forwarders, courier, parcel and express service providers) can be reached via an interface to dbh.
  • Installation or connection of individual freight carrier-specific software systems or manual web entry no longer necessary.
  • Interface support and data exchange with the carriers is handled entirely by dbh, so that your system is always up to date.
  • Additional carriers can be added quickly and without technical effort on your side.

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Automated creation of freight orders, shipping labels and documents

  • Automated generation of labels taking into account carrier-specific requirements.
  • Company-specific customization of labels possible.
  • Printing of all standard shipping and accompanying documents such as loading lists, delivery bills, CMR consignment notes, loading lists, etc.
  • Labels and documents always automatically meet the specific requirements of transport service providers.

Supported packing process and shipment consolidation

  • Uniform interface for all carriers for minimized training time and reduced error potential, e.g. for seasonal workers
  • Intuitive editing process supports the user
  • Error checks / plausibility checks and field-related notes
  • Option to check orders that have already been packed
  • Automatic shipment consolidation of several packages into one shipment
  • Automated creation of collective consignments
  • Combining several packages into one
  • Connection of scanners and scales

Selection of the optimal transport service provider

  • Servicefinder helps you to display and select the right service provider at the best price for the shipping case at hand.
  • Are there fixed rules? These can then be automatically entered via an individual workflow according to various criteria such as price, weight or time, so that manual selection is no longer necessary.

Manual entry of shipping orders / promotional shipping

  • Manual entry of shipping documents via a standardized user interface for all carriers from every workstation
  • Storage of templates with consistent data structure, e.g. sender, package, services for faster processing
  • Promotional mailing with up to 50,000 addresses

Consignment tracking (track and trace)

  • Automatic generation of tracking mails for proactive information of the recipient
  • Provision of documents e.g. invoices to the recipient possible
  • Shipment status for all shipping orders can be viewed quickly and easily in Advantage Delivery
  • Feedback of tracking information also to your upstream systems

More information on Track and Trace

Export customs clearance

  • Trigger customs declarations directly from Advantage Delivery by linking with dbh customs software and avoid redundant manual entries.
  • Your shipping department receives transaction-related customs status information and release status reports in real time.
  • Exchange of customs documents
  • Transparent overview of the current status of the customs declaration in the shipment overview.

Further information on your benefits from a link between customs and shipping

Entry certificate and proof of shipment

  • In the case of intra-Community deliveries, the confirmation of entry shall be deemed to be proof of all modes of transport. With Advantage Delivery, this verification is already covered by track & trace logs from the transport service providers (if available from them).
  • Alternatively, the entry certificate process can also be easily mapped using the integrated dbh customs software Advantage Customs.

Sanctions list screening

  • Integrated interface to the dbh sanctions list module checks business partners involved in the shipping process.
  • Safeguard your shipping process in accordance with the latest regulations by means of daily updated compliance data and ad hoc checks.
  • Results directly visible in the status monitoring of your shipping system.

Workflow management

  • Adaptation to your company processes without any programming
  • Automation of individual process steps through to entire processes
  • User support through workflow assistant
  • Time control options

Further information on workflow management

Freight cost management and control

  • User-friendly management and maintenance of freight tariffs
  • Freight cost calculation and up-to-date price information in the user interface allow easy selection of the most favorable service; further automation possible through workflow management
  • Freight cost simulation
  • Determination of the actual freight costs and cost distribution and posting to the original shipping orders
  • Automatic freight invoice check allows quick detection of miscalculations

Further information on freight cost management


  • Transparent overview of all freight orders, package information, status and tracking data directly in Advantage Delivery.


  • Various statistical functions, for example to show the performance of transport service providers.
  • Simple Excel or CSV export for further processing of the data.

Multi-client capable and location-independent

  • Multi-client capability for managing different locations, subsidiaries or external suppliers, etc.
  • Data, configurations and settings can be managed and delimited separately, e.g. workflows, customer numbers…

Modern technology and surfaces

  • Modular design and ready-to-use function modules enable rapid deployment and flexible expansion based on your requirements.
  • Intuitive operation and interfaces.
  • Multilingualism: German and English as standard, others on request.
  • Flexible process design – the software follows the process.

Speaking instead of reading?


What is a shipping system?

A shipping system, also known as shipping software, helps companies with shipping processing and the optimization of all associated shipping processes – from the posting of goods to delivery to the final recipient.
Without software, shipping employees have to log into the web frontend of each shipping service provider individually, manually transfer each order to the order mask and – if different shipping partners are used – laboriously compare all carriers before the actual order can be placed. With multi-carrier shipping software such as Advantage Delivery, the shipping process for all carriers used is bundled in just one application. Data is automatically transferred from your merchandise management systems to the shipping software and the user can compare the different service providers and services directly and select the appropriate service. Label printing, data transfer to the service provider and shipment tracking are then controlled directly via the shipping software. By the way: if you choose a carrier-neutral shipping system such as Advantage Delivery, you ensure that your employees always work with the same user interface. This means less training, less potential for errors and faster processes.

Can I connect any carrier to Advantage Delivery?

Yes, as long as the freight forwarder or courier, express or parcel service provider provides an interface for data transmission. dbh already has a large number of standard connections, but it is also easy to add other service providers.

Does the software adapt to my individual processes?

Advantage Delivery integrates itself into your processes and supports the individual requirements of your company, including through customized workflow management. In addition, it is also important for us to work with you during the software implementation process to examine what other process optimization options Advantage Delivery offers you and how we can work together to achieve the optimum for you.

Which functions are included in the basic price?

With Advantage Delivery, you receive tools such as Track & Trace, dangerous goods processing and much more as standard. Because for us, an effective shipping system involves more than just label printing and consignment handover. In addition, Advantage Delivery always adapts to your current needs in different packages.

Which systems can Delivery be connected to?

In addition to the connection to all transport service providers, we can connect any upstream system – whether a classic ERP from a wide range of manufacturers (as an SAP partner, we offer our own plug-ins and add-ons) or our own development, WMS or store system. It does not matter in which state the data is transmitted via the interface. We make the data suitable and also return status information to your systems.

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