Customs and foreign trade and shipping with SAP

SAP plug-ins and extensions

As an SAP service partner, we offer solutions and services that allow you to expand your SAP system with customs and other foreign trade-related topics. Our extensions (plug-ins) for SAP are easy to integrate and use relevant features of our proven products, such as Advantage Customs and Advantage Compliance.

Our SAP plug-ins are SAP HANA ready! This means that you can already benefit from the fast database technology and continue to use the convenience of our solutions.

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Get your SAP ready for foreign trade with plug-ins from dbh

Import and export of goods

With the SAP Plug-In ATLAS Export/AES and ATLAS Import, you can process the electronic processing of exports and imports automatically.

Document monitor

Create customs-relevant documents (e.g. EUR1, certificate of origin, etc.) with free-text information through the SAP Extension Document Monitor. Also, control messages and review and print documents about customs operations.

Warenursprung & Präferenzen

The Wup Plug-in allows you to monitor inbound and outbound vendor declarations and create work folders to transfer to Advantage Compliance Präferenzmanagement. Status messages are displayed in your SAP ERP.

Sanctions list screening

Checking your business contacts against existing sanction lists The SAP Extension Compliance Penalty List Check can be easily implemented. Extensive master data batch checks in the area of SAP HR and other departments are also possible.

Export control

Via the extension or the plug-in export control for SAP, business objects, such as SD orders or MM orders, are checked synchronously or asynchronously and, if necessary, blocked. Follow-up functions can also be prevented.

Import processing

With the SAP Plug-In Import, you can map all processes from inbound delivery to posting and release directly in SAP with the support of Advantage Customs.

Tariffs classification

With the sub-in classification monitor and automatically transmit materials for determining the correct product number. Changes in the content in Advantage Compliance are automatically taken into account.

Confirmation of entry

For the management of proof of documents for intra-Community deliveries, we offer the SAP extension access to confirmation of receipt, which makes administration and monitoring audit-proof and convenient.

VAT ID Audit

For the automatic check of the VAT ID in SAP of your trading partners, the software extension compares your stored data with the data registered in the entrepreneur file of the respective EU Member State.

Shipping processing

With the Shipping plug-in for SAP, you can easily tie up different transport service providers to your system. The dbh SAP plug-in includes the interface for data transmission to the Shipping software Advantage Delivery.


With the EMCS for SAP plug-in, you can manage the transport of excise goods under tax suspension. The range ranges from manual input to fully automated process processing.

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