SAP Plug-In Export Control

SAP Plug-In Export Control

The export of goods is subject to a wide variety of export control regulations, prohibitions and licensing requirements. So that you don't lose track of all the regulations, our SAP plug-in Export Control supports you.

In principle, exports are free of restrictions, but according to foreign trade law and various EC regulations, numerous prohibitions and licensing requirements have to be observed. In particular, control of the export of risky and security-related goods, such as arms and armaments, will be carried out. You, as an entrepreneur, are obliged to carry out a product inspection. The examination is carried out on the basis of special lists of goods, with Part I of the Export List and Annex I of the EC Regulation being of particular importance.

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Automated export control testing
  • Relief from manual testing
    • Reduction of error potential
  • Lean and secure processes
    • Provision of all audit-relevant information e.g.: measures or national notices, automatic initiation of follow-up processes e.g. e-mail notification or operation blocking
  • “Management of Exceptions”: special cases Problem cases are considered
    • Automated in the background
    • Normally without workflow interruption
    • No delay in the supply chain
Securing the legal requirements
  • Legal certainty and transparency through complete documentation
    • Inspection and decision history, can be presented at any time during inspections or audits
  • At any time on the current valid datadbh Content Service)
Simple administration and operability
  • Configurable screening profiles
  • Black/Whitelist management
    • blanket stipulations (e.g. basically no business with country XYZ)
Time saving
  • Focus on the essentials
    • Preselection of materials to the critical material master possible

Document check in SAP

Check orders and deliveries directly via the SAP Export Control plug-in


Always up-to-date

Regulations for EU, Germany and US EAR are updated regularly


Automatic locks

SAP documents and master data can be blocked automatically

Automatically check business processes in SAP

It becomes critical when dealing with goods that fall under the category of dual-use goods. This refers to goods which, in addition to their original purpose, can be used for critical end-use, namely military purposes. These can be, for example, spare parts such as seals, pumps and hydraulic parts.

Export control with SAP and dbh

As an SAP user, a plug-in from dbh is available for export control. With this plug-in, your business processes in SAP that are relevant for export control can be checked automatically in the background. The result is displayed directly in SAP. The plug-in is a modular, easy-to-configure SAP extension that can be flexibly adapted to your needs. Optionally, you can also integrate an interface for tariffing your goods (classification).

Advantages with the SAP export control plug-in from dbh

  • All important rules available
  • Automated process sequences
  • Safe compliance
  • Avoidance of penalties
  • Fast induction of employees
  • Optionally integrable classification
SAP Plug-In Export Control - Export Process

Monitoring and documentation included

All tests and test results are recorded. These can be evaluated at any time via a monitor. Affected objects can be edited according to permission. Archivable lists can be generated for documentation as part of special procedures or for auditing purposes.

Individual configuration

Which actions are triggered depending on the test result can be configured according to customer requirements. Reactions range from simple logging to sending e-mails or starting a workflow to blocking affected objects (master records, documents) in the SAP system.

Always the latest regulations in the SAP Export Control plug-in

Export regulations are subject to constant change. You must always keep these up to date when exporting. The SAP plug-in Export Control from dbh supports you with the dbh Content Service.

With the SAP Export Control plug-in, you are up-to-date on a daily basis and always check against the currently valid export control regulations. The examination is carried out for dual-use goods on the basis of the Dual-Use Regulation, partial and full embargoes (country embargoes) and licensing requirements with regard to critical end-uses.

Secure Compliance Management with dbh

Export control features are provided through dbh Software Advantage Compliance. In addition to export control, it is also possible to screen sanctions lists (anti-terrorist lists). A plug-in for SAP is also available for this sedenitor list check. For all audits, the always up-to-date data stock of the Bundesanzeiger (Federal Gazette) is used.

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