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ATLAS-certified customs software

Customs clearance is a sensitive area in every company. Ongoing changes due to modified procedural instructions or completely new regulations make the processing of customs and foreign trade matters more difficult. Customs software helps to meet these challenges. With Advantage Customs dbh provides the solution for efficient and convenient customs and foreign trade management.

Elektronische Zollabwicklung mit flexiblen Schnittstellen

Machen Sie ihre Zollabwicklung mit dbh Software schneller, zuverlässiger und sicherer.

Mit Advantage Customs haben Sie alle Optionen, um den Außenhandel erfolgreich abzuwickeln: von A wie Anmeldung bis Z wie Zolllager. Mit unserer ATLAS zertifizierten Zollsoftware bieten wir ihnen eine schnelle, zuverlässige und sichere Anwendung für ihre Zollabwicklung.



  • Straightforward customs clearance
  • Efficiency gains thanks to process automation
  • Secure customs and foreign trade management
  • Compliant implementation of all customs procedures
  • Modularly expandable
  • Increase the profitability of your supply chain
Customs clearance with Advantage Customs 1

Importers of iron, steel, cement, electricity, fertilizers and similar products take note: CBAM may be relevant to you

From October 1, 2023, there will be reporting obligations as part of the new CBAM CO2 border adjustment levy system..

Anyone who processes their imports using the dbh customs software Advantage Customs can now extract all customs-relevant data from the system and evaluate it in Excel.
This means that all existing information on an import shipment can be configured and prepared appropriately for the CBAM report.

What exactly is CBAM? Are you affected at all? What actions do you need to take? We answer these and more questions in our area of ​​knowledge on the subject of CBAM for you.

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ATLAS-certified software for customs and foreign trade

Based on EU directives, the European customs administrations have created IT systems for electronic clearance and monitoring of cross-border goods traffic. Advantage Customs is fully certified for communication with the German customs system ATLAS. All customs procedures of ATLAS Import and IMPOST via AES export, NCTS shipping, active and passive processing through to customs warehouses can be easily mapped with our software. We also cover related topics ICS2
of course we depict it.

Customs software Advantage Customs for customs clearance and foreign trade


We have compiled knowledge and background information about ATLAS ZELOS for you.

Learn more about digital document exchange with customs

In addition, the functions sanction list check and export control can be integrated. This ensures a comprehensive and efficient control of customs transactions.

International customs management

Other European customs systems, such as e-dec and AGS (formerly Sagitta) are integrated into Advantage Customs. Interfaces to the respective international customs system ensure that you comply with the customs regulations of the countries at all times: All data is recorded in such a way that it meets the corresponding national requirements.

Simple management of customs and foreign trade

Think one step further – Advantage Customs will do that for you. All customs application data is recorded centrally and is available to other processes. Comfortable functions of Advantage Customs increase the efficiency of your customs processing.

Customs software with interfaces for information exchange between different systems and sectors

Communication with other systems, such as for the port and transport sectors, is possible at any time. An example of this is the already mentioned convenience function Container Status Information.

Advantage Customs has interfaces to the German port systems and automatically requests the container status via the respective system (BHT, WHT and ZAPP).

Pre-registrations of goods can be automatically confirmed to ATLAS as soon as the ship has been deleted.

Clever solution for air freight export

The export handling of air freight shipments is a process involving many participants from companies and authorities. That’s why we have developed the Airfreight Handling Tool (AHT), an internet-based platform that can be used by all parties involved.

Customs clearance with SAP plug-ins and ERP connection – HANA Ready!

Warenursprung & Präferenzen als SAP Plug-Indbh plug-ins for SAP are software extensions that allow you to easily add modules to your SAP system, such as ATLAS/AES export, entry confirmation, etc. And your advantage: dbh SAP plug-ins are already designed for SAP HANA.

Other ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems can also be extended with Advantage Customs modules.

Our customs software in use

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Extend your software for customs and foreign trade with convenient functions

Think one step further – Advantage Customs will do that for you. All customs application data is recorded centrally and is available for further processes.

Convenience features and advanced functions in Advantage Customs increase the efficiency of your customs processing.

Container status information

  • Container tracking delivers container status directly to ATLAS
  • Interface connection to the German port systems
  • Automatic SumA after discharge of the charge

Customized actions

Proactive control


Document printing

  • Printing of standard documents directly from Advantage Customs, e.g. integrated invoice printing of customs or commercial invoices

Complementary features for Advantage Customs

With our complementary features for Advantage Customs, you can meet other legal requirements. Find out more about the functions for confirmation of receipt, Intrastat message or archiving by means of eAkte.


Confirmation of entry

  • Create, manage, and send receipts
  • Status tracking and integrated dunning
  • Archiving of acknowledged confirmations of in-place

Intrastat Messages

  • Central dispatch and receipt message
  • Implemented for Belgium, Germany, Austria, Finland, Great Britain, Netherlands, Romania, Sweden, Czech Republic and Hungary


The list of reasons why electronic document storage is becoming more and more enforcing is long. Advantage Customs offers the possibility to create an electronic document folder, the e-file.

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