Air freight export with the Airfreight Handling Tool

The export handling of air freight shipments is a process involving many participants from companies and authorities. With the Airfreight Handling Tool (AHT), we offer an internet-based platform that can be used by all parties involved in air freight export.

Whether on your desktop or smartphone, you have access to the tool and your air freight export at any time.

Procedure of customs declaration for air freight export

The handling of export customs clearance at the airport is possible for all persons involved in transport. Independent of the shipping softwareused . The Airfreight Handling Tool works directly with Advantage Customs.


The exporter shall make the prior declaration of the goods to customs.


When the shipment arrives at the airport, the next message is to the “Presentation”. The driver can do this via smartphone.


The handling agent (e.g. handling warehouse) records the successful inspection of the goods.


This last notification confirms to customs the actual departure of the shipment.

Air freight export: Easy and cost-effective

Luftfrachtexport: Flugzeug wird mit Luftfrachtcontainer beladenThe Airfreight Handling Tool is simple and easy to use. Expensive training costs for your employees are eliminated. The billing of the usage is based on a favorable transfer flat rate. This way, the costs for you remain transparent and calculable. Air freight export easy and cost-effective, thanks to dbh.

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