Software Advantage Compliance Preference Management

Origin of goods, suppliers declaration and preferences

Benefit from tariff concessions by taking advantage of preferential agreements between the European Union and a whole range of third countries and trade zones. With our Advantage Compliance Preference Management solution, you can quickly get to grips with the issue of product origin and preferences.

Advantage Compliance Preference Management benefit:

  • Management of supplier declarations
  • Preference calculation
  • Determination of origin of goods
  • eBVZH interface
  • Interfaces to upstream systems

Getting fit in terms of WUP

We have prepared an FAQ for you on WUP – origin of goods and preferences. Get fit with dbh for WUP!

SAP Solution for JEFTA Agreements

It is the largest free trade agreement in the history of the European Union to date: on 1 February 2019, the EU-Japan Free Trade Agreement entered into force. With our SAP Plug-Ins you can implement the new regulations directly.

SAP Lösung: Freihandelsabkommen zwischen der EU und Japan

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Automate preference calculation: Build your competitive advantage

SAP Partner

Origin of goods & preferences as SAP plug-in

Anyone who has already dealt with the calculation of preferences knows the effort and complexity involved. In addition, if you calculate preferences, you are legally obliged to provide complete proof of preferential origin in the form of supplier declarations for commercial goods and many processing rules.

With Advantage Compliance Preference Management, we provide you with the right tool to easily manage supplier declarations, determine the origin of goods and professionally calculate preferences.

The technology speaks for itself

  • Stand-alone solution with user-friendly interface or integrated via interface to your ERP system
  • Comprehensive data import: article master and parts lists, supplier data and supplier declarations
  • Integrated content or manual entry of list rules
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SAP Partner

SAP and ERP Integration

dbh plugins for SAP are software extensions that allow you to easily add modules to your SAP system, such as sanctions list checks, export controls, tariff classification and US re-export controls. And your advantage: dbh SAP plugins are already designed for SAP HANA.

Other ERP systems (merchandise management systems) can also be expanded with Advantage Customs modules.

WUP News

Supplier declarations: Easy to record and manage

If you calculate preferences, you are legally obliged to provide complete proof of preferential origin in the form of supplier declarations for goods and many processing rules. Individual and long-term supplier declarations can be recorded and managed in Advantage Compliance Preference Management. Article numbers for the supplier declarations, validity periods and preferential agreements are displayed as standard.

eBVZH LogoWith the new eBVZH-interface, we simplify the management of supplier declarations with Advantage Compliance Preference Management. The standardized, electronic exchange of supplier declarations with other systems saves you time and money.


Benefits of Advantage Compliance Preference Management

  • Management of incoming and outgoing individual and long-term supplier declarations
  • Standardized exchange of supplier declarations by eBVZH interface
  • Management of supplier master data (incl. item list)
  • Requirements, reminders, revocation for individual and long-term supplier declarations
  • E-mail function for early alarm message for expiring statements
  • Printing and shipping

Dates Goods Origin and Preferences

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Comfortable operation

On request, data collection can be extended by customer-specific features, such as serial and batch numbers or storage bins.

Each preferential agreement covered by a supplier’s declaration is explicitly presented.

A real relief is the possibility of selecting all agreements at the same time in just one step.

Preference calculation: Data is the be-all and end-all

In order to determine the origin of a product, one thing is needed above all: data. But these are often rare at the beginning of a calculation. Sometimes only the article numbers and the preferential agreement in question are known.

But a detailed and resilient calculation requires far more information. These include the classification of the goods (classification), the composition of BOM articles and their classification, the smallest/largest purchase value, information on long-term supplier declarations by the sub-suppliers or other proofs of origin, the intended sales value and, last but not least, information on the countries of origin.

With Preference Calculation in Advantage Compliance Präferenzmanagement, you can easily enrich your calculation requests with additional data. This can be data from the item master, the vendor declarations or from your specific modules. The enrichment of the requests can be initiated manually via the user interface of the module or interfaces. The request can be made for a single item, all items in a shipment, or the entire item master.


Benefits of Preference Calculation

  • Central registration/management of item master and BOMs
  • Automatic calculation of origin properties
  • Checking of goods data against preferential agreements
  • Calculation of thresholds
  • Alternative calculations
  • Audit-proof detection
  • User client for manual single costing
  • Proof of results (PDF printing)

Preferences transparent and demonstrable

Any preference calculation must be transparent and demonstrable to customs authorities. You meet this requirement with Advantage Compliance Präferenzmanagement. All data can be stored and tracked at any later time or made available for archiving as PDF.

News about product origin and preferences

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