Advantage Invoice Management

Digital invoice processing and optimized processes

An invoice goes through many hands and different departments and locations in the company. This means effort and time. In addition, manual editing results in errors that require rework.

With Advantage Invoice Management, you benefit from optimized processes, shortened invoice lead times, and reduced manual effort while increasing quality and transparency. And this is worthwhile for you: with an electronic invoice receipt process, you can save massive costs compared to paper-based processes.


Benefits of Invoice Management

  • Acceleration of invoice flow
  • Increased processing transparency
  • Reduction of manual effort
  • Improved realisation of discount income
  • Reduce internal invoice ininvoice processing costs
  • Easy connection to all common ERP and FiBu systems
ISO 27001

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Process optimization in accounting

From invoice recording to throughput to ERP integration, Advantage Invoice Management supports its accounting process and helps to increase transparency.

Streamline invoice registration

ProcessesWhether e-mail attachment or scanned paper invoice, all documents are automatically recorded and optionally archived at the same time as audit-proof. At the same time, relevant data such as invoice number, vendor, bank details and much more are automatically read out. This saves the time-consuming manual collection of common data. All you need to do is verify the found data via webfront end and
data. Here, the system is capable of learning, so that the verification effort is gradually minimized.

Accelerate invoice flow

Advantage Invoice Management can be optimally tailored to your processes. Where unique rules for processing incoming invoices can be defined, the system automatically controls the review and approval process. The respective reviewers receive corresponding tasks and an e-mail notification from the system. Each invoice line goes through the process individually, and when an invoice line is split, digital invoice copies are available in parallel for all parties to speed up the overall process.

The system also works hand in hand with ERP systems. Advantage Invoice Management automatically assigns invoices to the appropriate postings in the connected system and compares the data with the underlying contracts or purchase orders. If they match, an automatic release can take place.

After an invoice has completed the inspection and approval process, transaction-relevant data is transferred to the ERP system or your accounting software via an interface and can be processed there as usual.

Increase processing transparency

The central invoice receipt book gives you an overview of all invoices in the company and their status. With the included discount light, you have all discount periods in view at all times.

All process steps and the decisions or comments of the participants are archived in an audit-proof manner. With the convenient search function, invoices can be found quickly at any time in the current circulation as well as in the archive.

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