Electronic transmission of the VERIFIED GROSS MASS (VGM)

On 1 July 2016, the SOLAS-VGM Directive for the verification of the weights of containers loaded on board seagoing vessels entered into force. For this purpose, the verified incubation container weight (VGM – Verified Gross Mass) must be transmitted by the shipper or forwarder to the shipowner in good time. Containers for which there is no VGM may not be loaded and are therefore not transported.

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The Verfied Gross Mass (VGM) Regulation aims to prevent loss or threat to life at sea, to reduce environmental hazards and serious accidents and cargo losses at sea. Investigations in connection with serious accidents or incidents have shown that a high number of incorrectly declared weights of containers were involved.


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What does the new VGM regulation mean?

The verified gross mass (VGM) of the fully packed and sealed container must be reported by the shipper (usually the carrier or shipper) to the shipowner in good time.

The transmission of the verified total weights VGM to the shipowner may be carried out electronically. For this purpose, a new standardized interface called “VERMAS” was developed by the SMDG (User Group for Shipping Lines and Container Terminals) with which the weights can be sent to the shipowner via EDI.

For their part, since 1 July 2016, the shipping companies have been obliged to load only containers with a VGM on to seagoing vessels. Containers without VGM remain standing.

VGM Discovery Methods

The determination of verified total weights can be carried out in accordance with SOLAS by two methods:

  • Method 1: The containers are weighed
  • Method 2: All individual weights of goods, packages, packing aids and logs are totaled and calculated together with the container tare as a verified total weight

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VGM data transfer with dbh

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