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Export control

Anyone who exports – even if only within the European Union – faces a complex export control process. Companies need to check whether there are licensing requirements or whether there is knowledge of a potentially critical end-use of the goods. It is also necessary to check whether embargoes are in place against the recipient country or whether the recipients are on a sanctions list.

There are far more regulations and laws to be complied with than initially appears to be the case. To ensure that you don’t lose track, we’ve developed Advantage Compliance Export Control.

With our export control software, you can automate, log and archive the audit of the different goods lists, approval requirements and embargo lists.


Export Control Functions

  • Examination of existing embargoes (total, partial, arms embargoes)
  • Goods control by purpose (EC dual-use regulation, national export list)
  • Testing of end-use (armaments, weapons)
  • Documentation of inspections and results

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SAP Partner

SAP and ERP Integration

dbh plug-ins for SAP are software extensions that allow you to easily add modules to your SAP system, such as sanctions list checks, export controls, tariff classification and US re-export controls. And your advantage: dbh SAP plug-ins are already designed for SAP S4/HANA.

Other ERP systems (merchandise management systems) can also be extended with Advantage Customs modules.

Technical seminar on export control

Goods control not only for weapons

Export control 13Just because no weapons are supplied does not exempt them from the control of goods. The military usability of the goods is crucial. It becomes critical for goods in the category “dual-use goods”. These are goods which, in addition to their original purpose, can be used for ‘critical end-use’, namely military purposes. This is often the case with spare parts such as special seals, pumps or hydraulic parts.

The risk of making a mistake here is particularly high. For this reason, export control can also be a time-consuming challenge for companies that export supposedly simple goods or expand their business.

Export control 14Keep track

Advantage Compliance checks whether there is an embargo or whether the trade in goods is linked to special permits. The software compares item data or shipments with the applicable regulations. If there is a trade ban, corresponding feedback/warnings are generated and, if necessary, the further process is automatically stopped. If approvals are required, a notice will be issued.

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