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The “Custom Actions” feature allows you, as a user of Advantage Customs the ability to define “actions” for commodity numbers or product number groups and additional criteria that take effect when customs declarations are registered. It is possible to determine whether an action is to be applied in the import, export and/or shipping area of Advantage Customs.

You can use the feature to define your own errors and notification messages, which are automatically displayed to the user when a customs declaration is registered and issued.

Generate documents at the click of a mouse

You can easily define generation actions for documents with a click of a mouse. This allows you to create and assign the documents required for all lines of an import, export or shipping transaction in the shipment. For all affected product numbers and at the touch of a button.


Define actions yourself

you can specify three types of actions that advantage customs perform

  • Generating error messages
  • Viewing clues
  • Data generation for documents

Definition of exceptions

countries of destination, item numbers, etc.

Excluded countries of destination

If the action is to apply to all destination countries except a certain group of countries.


If you want the action to be applied only to goods with specific item numbers.

Excluded item numbers

If you want the action to be applied to all goods with a specific product number, but not to those that have one of the specified item numbers at the same time.


Items with the product number “31023010” may not be exported to Iran. To prevent this, an action would have to be taken, as shown in the figure.

dbh benutzerdefinierte Aktionen in Advantage Customs

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