The Central Organising, Dispatching and Information System (CODIS 2.0) is a component
of the Port Community Systems (PCS) from dbh Logistics IT AG (dbh). dbh is an IT service provider
for the ports in Bremen and Wilhelmshaven.

With CODIS 2.0, dbh provides a central and neutral solution for the organisation
and handling of rail freight traffic at sea ports. The software is
used by all railway transport companies, operators and sales businesses in the ports of
Bremen, Bremerhaven and Wilhelmshaven.


We provide users with access to CODIS/CODIS 2.0, and all of its functions, via a secure Internet connection — meaning that users do not need to install any software on their servers. The software is automatically updated with each dial-up connection. However, it is still possible to implement interfaces to other software solutions, in order to enable seamless data exchange within a company.

CODIS ensures efficient handling of railway transports and enables fully electronic transmission of container data to the scheduling centre. The application is intuitive to operate and therefore does not require a lot of training for employees. 


CODIS 2.0 has a modular design and offers users the following modules: 

  • Transport Management module (TPM): order management, status information and customs inspection
  • Dispatch module (DIS): delivery/collection by trains/wagons Allocation of loading units to wagons. 
  • Customs Information and Verification System (ZIPS): verification and approval of goods subject to simplified Community transit procedures in the Wilhelmshaven container port
  • Port Railway System module (HASY): slot management and scheduling of the pre-routing groups in Wilmhelmshaven.

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