Green C Ports

Digitalization tools and technologies to support port environmental sustainability and performance of port operations in the TEN-T Core Network.

Green C Ports 1

The overall objective of the project „Green and Connected Ports“ is to implement a digital transformation in European ports to monitor, measure and analyze critical environmental factors, which on the one hand negatively affect the performance of port operations, such as for instance wind, waves and tides and, on the other hand, the port environment, e. g. emissions and noise intensity.

In order to achieve this goal different sensor networks will be installed or already existing networks implemented respectively – depending on the port and its main focus –, that collect the relevant data and transmit it to a Port Environmental Platform (PEP) which will be developed during the course of the Project in each case.

There, this heterogeneous information will be processed almost in real time by big data techniques, business intelligence processes and analyses.

By using Artificial Intelligence Algorithms and Machine Learning Techniques as well as the implementation of Prediction Modules, forecast models will be generated, which complement the (almost) real time datasets. In the next step the generated forecast information will be provided as individual planning support to Port Operators or authorities by for instance dash-boards.  

In the course of the project, based on the respective implementation focus, 6 business cases are implemented and validated in the different ports.

The focus of the German business case is set on possible resource optimization, especially in ship loading/unloading (Ship-to-Shore / Shore-to-Ship), against the background of environmental influences such as for instance wind, swell, current, sleet or tide.

Extreme weather situations such as based on climate change, increased more and more in recent years and have a direct impact on the transport situation in Germany in general and in the seaports in particular. The forecast models developed in PEP should enable decisions to be made not only in terms of resource planning for e. g. This is not only to positively support operational ship-to-shore (StS) processes, but also for instance to control planned ship calls based on available capacities in order to reduce CO2 emissions.

Green C Ports 2

12 partners from 4 countries

12 partners from Spain, Italy, Greece and Germany realize the project with a duration of four years in the period from 01.04.2019 to 31.03.2023 under the leadership of the Fundación Valenciaport (Valencia/Spain).

Green C Ports is carried out as part of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) program under project number 2018-EU-TM-0117-S. The Project won the IAPH World Port Sustainability Award in the category “Resilient Infrastructure” in 2020.

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