Improved data management techniques for real-time logistics planning and/scheduling

LOGISTAR research project 1dbh Logistics IT AG participates in the international project LOGISTAR, whose main objective is to enable more effective, efficient planning and optimization of transport operations along the supply chain. For example, through synchromodal route planning – based on real-time information – delivery routes are to be shortened by 10%, and the utilization factor of the means of transport used is to be increased by 10%. For this purpose, primarily real-time data, both from the systems of the actors involved in the transport chain and from the “Internet of Things” (IoT), are received, merged and interpreted within the framework of horizontal and vertical cooperation. A variety of aspects are taken into account that can influence a transport, such as weather conditions, strike situations, capacity utilisation of means of transport or road conditions and delays.

The subsequent data interpretation will be carried out using state-of-the-art information and communication technologies/methods via a platform to be developed in the course of the project. For example, the use of “artificial intelligence” (AI) supports the generation of forecasts, and the implementation of metaheuristics serves, among other things, the (re)optimization process. This not only enables conclusions to be drawn about the current situation of the respective planned transport, but also predictions for future transports under similar general conditions. In addition to route, transport and optimization suggestions, a dashboard provides the user with relevant real-time information on the respective transports or transport planning, both textually and dynamically visualized. Further transport-relevant information is also available and can be called up.

LOGISTAR research project 2

The project results will be tested in three real case studies, called “Living Labs”, with different focuses. In Great Britain, for example, use cases are planned in the area of “Backhauling and Co-loading”, in Italy the focus is on the area of “Synchromodality” and in Belgium the Living Lab includes the topic of “Real time logistics in Chemical Industries”.

15 partners from 8 countries

LOGISTAR research project 315 partners from Spain, Italy, Great Britain, Serbia, Ireland, Belgium, Austria and Germany realize the project with a duration of three years in the period from 01.06.2018 to 31.05.2021 under the leadership of DeustoTech (Bilbao/Spain). In addition, other well-known European stakeholders from sectors such as the chemical or food industry, consumer goods manufacturing or the transport sector are involved in LOGISTAR as interested parties. In addition to dbh Logistics IT AG, another German partner, Software AG, is involved in the project.

LOGISTAR research project 4The LOGISTAR project, under Grant Agreement Number 769142, is co-funded by the European Commission through the thematic area “MG-5.2-2017 Innovative ICT Solutions for Future Logistic Operations” in the HORIZON 2020 programme.

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