dbh Code Competition: Looking for IT Talent

2. Feb 2017 | Career

Together with the online platform IT-Talents, dbh Logistics IT AG (dbh) promotes and challenges young talents in a programming competition


The digital transformation is increasingly increasing the need for qualified professionals to actively shape this change. The IT Talentsprogramme is committed to promoting and, above all, linking young IT talents with companies.
As an expert in IT logistics, dbh also believes that information technology will shape the future. Therefore, the Bremen-based software company is a partner of the platform. Because it needs smart minds who recognize and seize new opportunities.
As part of a so-called Code Competition, dbh promotes and challenges young talents. It is necessary to develop a programme taking into account certain factors. Prizes totalling €1,000 will be awarded.


The starting signal was already fired on 1 October. Creative young developers now have time to participate in the Code Competition until 31 October. The idea for this was born in collaboration between dbh and IT talents.

Under the motto “The Dynamic Dungeon” it is about the development of a game. The player must find his way through a dynamically generated playing field – the path of which is similar to a labyrinth – to the exit that leads to the next level. Special features should also be taken into account in programming, such as opponents or items that need to be bypassed and/or trigger an effect on touch.

What does this have to do with dbh? In the context of logistics, the game could be programmed to have a loaded truck steered through a terminal at the port to the ship. Containers block the path (labyrinth) and other trucks cross the route as opponents. It is also conceivable to include the time factor. If the player is not fast enough, the ship leaves the port without a load. There are (almost) no limits to the inventiveness of the young software developers.


All members of IT talent are allowed to participate. If you don’t have an account yet, you can join the talent pool as an IT junior. After evaluating all applications, the winners will be announced in December.