Management of supplier declarations in the textile industry

23. Sep 2015 | Customs & Foreign Trade, Origin of goods and preferences

The correct determination of the origin of goods for the issuance of preferential certificates is of great importance for internationally active companies – this applies in particular to the textile industry. This is because exporting companies can save a lot of money. Without technical support, however, this involves a great deal of effort and complexity.


Software systems for managing supplier declarations already exist on the market. together with Gesamtmasche and Südwesttextil, dbh Logistics IT AG (dbh) has now adapted the WUP software Advantage Compliance Präferenzmanagement to the interests of the textile industry, the result being: Advantage Compliance Präferenzmanagement Textile. With this tool, supplier declarations can be managed easily and easily.

Rollen aus industriellem Baumwollgewebe
dbh managed supplier declarations in the textile industry

Due to high third-country tariffs, the textile and clothing industry is one of the intensive users of preferential agreements – which can bring significant financial benefits. In addition, supplier declarations are an important selling point for the textile industry. But there is also a major challenge: restrictive rules of origin, constant changes in the range of agreements and the various stages in the textile value chain make issuing supplier declarations in accordance with the law a complex and error-prone process.

Commercial WUPsoftware hardly helps the clothing industry to overcome the major challenges of administering supplier declarations as a key proof of preferential product origin. Compliance with textile rules of origin requires extensive know-how and the management of proofs of origin is also more complicated in the textile industry than in other sectors.


In close cooperation with practitioners from the textile industry, dbh adapted the Supplier Declaration module to the needs of the industry and presented it live to a trade audience in Stuttgart. “Advantage Compliance Präferenzmanagement Textil makes requesting and issuing supplier declarations an efficient process and minimizes sources of error,” summarizes Jürgen Bach, Consulting and Sales dbh Logistics IT AG.

In addition to requesting and issuing the usual long-term supplier declarations for goods originating, the declaration for non-origin goods and the cumulation function were also presented. It was also shown how the list of preferential trades in goods is automatically shortened to the correct country spectrum by analysing the Paneuromed matrix with the corresponding cumulation note. The tool offers a number of functions, so even special cases, such as foreign declarations for full cumulation with the Maghreb states, are stored.

If demand is right, dbh, Südwesttextil and Gesamtmasche want to jointly implement a complementary module for preference calculation.


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