UCC: Delays in the notification of new authorisations

18. Apr 2019 | Customs & Foreign Trade, Knowledge, Union Customs Code

The roadmap for the reassessment of authorisations under the Union Customs Code (UCC) actually provided for all authorisations to be reassessed by the end of April 2019. There are currently technical difficulties in printing the new authorisations. The announcement of the new authorisations is therefore delayed. In fact, the reassessment of the authorisations should be implemented by the deadline of 1 May 2019. Until the new authorisations are announced, old authorisations remain valid.

The new timetable for the notification of the licence numbers is as follows:

ProcedureNotificationUse Of authorization number in the customs system ATLAS
Customs warehousein April 2019from 01. 2019 required
Storage camps from May 2019 from the date of notification of the authorisation number, if it is not known by 1 May, the indication “WITHOUT” is required
all other customs procedures with authorisations from May 2019 use of the previous authorisation number until the new authorisation number has been announced