Certifications AES and ATLAS completed early

3. Feb 2018 | Customs software

Since September 2017, dbh Logistics IT AG has been certified for AES 2.4 and since December 2017 for ATLAS 8.8. The certifications in EDIFACT format have been successfully completed. In addition to various minor changes, the largest proportion was the adaptation of all data fields for the new format of the European-wide valid authorisations (resulting from the real start of operation of the “customs decision system”).

Furthermore, this means that dbh will again deliver the valid versions as usual well before the end of the soft migration specified by the customs administration.

However, in order to address the course for the future viability of our advantage customs software At an early stage, with a view to the technological challenges, dbh is planning the already possible certifications for the XML format.

EMCS Certification from March 2018 at the earliest

In addition, a new version in the EMCS section is on the certification list. The scope is again clear and there are only very few changes. On the part of customs, certification is not possible until March 2018 at the earliest. The soft migration period on EMCS 2.3 is scheduled for November 25, 2018. After that, the new release must be used.

The biggest changes in EMCS 2.3 are, according to Customs

  • The message “Change of destination” (C_UPD_DAT) will include security data.
  • In the message “Explanation of incorrect/overquantities” (C_SHR_EXP), the import customs office (DISPATCH) IMPORT OFFICE data group has been classified as redundant, so it is removed.

Otherwise, there will again be countless technical changes that we implement for our customers.