Don’t be afraid of WUP: commodity origin and preferences

5. Feb 2013 | Exhibition, Logimat, Origin of goods and preferences

Those who calculate preferences can gain price and competitive advantages – but identifying the origin characteristics of a product is a complex process that is often difficult for exporting companies to implement. If you do not want to give up the price advantages, you can therefore use adequate software.

For dbh Logistics IT AG (dbh), consulting and software house for customs and logistics, the topic WUP(origin and preference calculation)also belongs in the portfolio. With Advantage Compliance Präferenzmanagement, dbh “provides the right solution to significantly reduce the high administrative burden for supplier declarations and preference calculations,” says Marco Molitor, dbh Board Member.

Check preferences automatically

By default, the software includes all the preferential rules that the European Union has agreed with third countries and trade zones. Regular updates ensure that the user accesses up-to-date information. If the information is not sufficient at one point, Advantage Compliance Präferenzmanagement assumes the “Worst Case Scenario”: the worst conditions are automatically selected. The software thus meets the legal requirements of the customs authorities.

As a single solution or connected to existing ERP/WMS systems, the software makes a transparent and verifiable preference calculation with complete proof of the origin of the goods possible in the form of supplier declarations.

Advantage Compliance Präferenzmanagement is aimed at both medium-sized and large companies. Depending on your wishes, the software can be installed at the customer’s site or operated as a software-as-a-service in the dbh data center. Interested companies will have the opportunity to find out more about WUP at the dbh booth at LogiMAT 2013.