Customs Agency: Customs billing and invoicing made easy

Do you want a system that allows you to process customs declarations professionally and at the same time conveniently invoice them? And also offers you a holistic overview of your order processing? With Fiduz we offer you exactly that!

Customs agency: customs clearance and invoicing with Fiduz 1

Your entire order processing in one system

To ensure the correct transmission of declarations to the customs offices, Fiduz uses integrated and certified customs software. This means that Fiduz can easily handle the whole range of customs procedures that you need as a customs agency. At the same time, however, Fiduz also comes with a well thought-out workflow control and a sophisticated invoicing system. So that you can concentrate on your core competencies.

Advantages of customs clearance with Fiduz

  • No more program change between customs and billing necessary
  • Avoidance of errors in invoicing by automatic transmission to financial accounting
  • You can store individual price tables for your customers (fixed prices or price components) and thus reduce the manual effort of invoicing
  • Insert workflows for fixed processes or specific customers and keep track of the current status at any time
  • All incoming and outgoing documents are clearly stored in the e-file and are therefore accessible centrally quickly
  • Through transparent working, you and your colleagues have an overview at all times – and can represent each other quickly and easily in an emergency
  • You save time and money, work more efficiently and thus achieve an increased clearance rate – at the same time lower invoicing costs


  • Direct connection to your financial accounting
  • Execution of individual and collective invoicing
  • Audit-proof archiving of orders
  • E-files for storing all incoming and outgoing files (incl. Outlook)
  • Fixed prices that can be freely deposited for each customer (price table)
  • Evaluation options / Dynamic statistics
  • ATLAS-certified software for mapping all customs procedures including corresponding error and plausibility checks
  • International customs clearance
  • Integrated Sanction List Check

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