ATLAS – Info 2537/19

29. Apr 2020 | Atlas, Kis

Customs warehouse: Incorrect conversion rate to EGZ-ZL (customs warehouse type D and E, as approved D)

An ld/LE authorisation revoked in the course of the revaluation on 01.05.2019 can still be used for outsourcing with EGZ-ZL (ECWPED) until the expiry of the settlement period.

Due to a software error, this occurs zzt. on the application of incorrect conversion rates and subsequently on an incorrect calculation of import duties in the ECC-ZL. The error incorrectly uses the conversion rate from April 2019 uniformly, even if the ECC-ZL already refers to the settlement period May 2019 and, consequently, the conversion rate from May 2019 would have to apply.

The issue will be fixed on 15.06.2019.


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