Electronic exchange of supplier declarations now even easier!

eBVZH interface

We have integrated the unified eBVZH interface for the electronic exchange of supplier declarations into Advantage Compliance Preference Management. With this interface, you can meet the increased requirements for the documentation of origin properties in preference law. At the same time, the common standard helps to keep the processes lean.

The interface helps you manage your supplier declarations, whether you issue or receive them. As a dbh customer, you benefit directly from the new standard.

Your advantages thanks to eBVZH interface

Advantage Compliance Preference Management supports the new eBVZH interface and thus integrates the standardized format for data exchange for supplier declarations. Take advantage of:

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  • More efficient processes
  • Automated processes
  • Simplified control
  • Legally compliant evidence
  • Easier management of supplier declarations

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FAQ: The eBVZH interface

What is the eBVZH interface?

The so-called “eBVHZ interface” is a standard agreed by the members of the BVZH(Federal Association of Customs Software Manufacturers). It describes how supplier declarations are to be exchanged from one computer system to another.

What is the aim of the eBVZH standard?

Proof stake, such as supplier declarations, are essential building blocks for establishing origin characteristics. They are often an indispensable condition for the issuance of proofs of origin and therefore also a prerequisite for obtaining preferential tariffs. Until now, there has been no agreed standard on how supplier declarations should be handed over in electronic form. Therefore, there are currently many bilateral interfaces and formats. This is now changing with the new eBVZH standard.

What are the advantages of the eBVZH interface?

Suppliers often have to submit supplier declarations to a large number of their customers. In addition to the original paper form, there are a myriad of bilateral solutions in electronic form (interfaces) for the handover of this supplier’s declaration to the customer. It is therefore quite common for a supplier to have to operate a wide range of interface formats and technologies in order to deliver supplier declarations. For the claimants of the supplier declaration, the situation is just as confusing: depending on the agreement with the supplier, supplier declarations must be received in a variety of forms.

This diversity is therefore also an obstacle to the automation of the acceptance and control of supplier declarations.

By using a uniform format for all stakeholders, this diversity can be reduced, both for those who need to provide supplier declarations and for those who receive those declarations. The transition from paper to electronic procedures will be accelerated. The automation of the processes for collecting supplier declarations is given a boost.

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