Bremer Hafentelematics (BHT)

Bremen Port Telematics is the central information system for all participants in the port industry in Bremen and Bremerhaven. It connects various computer systems of the transport industry, railways and public authorities in order to enable smooth communication in the Ports of Bremen independently of the hardware and software used.

45 years of experience in digitizing ports

As early as 1973, the first port information system in the world was put into operation with the Bremische Hafen database. The system was developed by dbh. Today, the system is called Bremer Hafentelematics (BHT for short), it is still operated by us. Since the mid-1980s, The Port Telematics of Bremen has been used to simplify, standardise and inform transport operators in the ports of Bremen and Bremerhaven. The system has proven itself and is still operated and further developed by us today.


Bremen Port Telematics is one of the world’s leading systems for efficient electronic port processing. Lower Saxony has long been convinced of the advantages of the system: the customs office in Cuxhaven uses the Bremen port telematics for export control. In addition, all Lower Saxony seaports use the dangerous goods registration functions.

The pioneering software is also regarded internationally as a role model. Time and again, the Hanseatic city of Bremen receives visits from international delegations, who get suggestions for their own port information systems.


Any consignment leaving the port is recorded electronically. The Bremen port telematics allows for greater clearance and more rational workflows through precipitous cargo information. This is an advantage that is particularly noticeable in the handling of goods. Via interfaces to other specialist applications, cargo can be registered, for example, at handling operations, declared as dangerous goods and customs processes can be processed.


The functions of Bremen port telematics can be accessed via the web browser – the investment in expensive hardware and software is no longer necessary. Small businesses can also benefit from the system.

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