Port communication: DATA hub OSIS cracks 100 million news mark

8. Mar 2016 | Port management

For more than 40 years, communication in the Bremen ports has been running via the Bremen Port Telematics (BHT) of dbh Logistics IT AG (dbh). For the JadeWeserPort in Wilhelmshaven, the BHT became Wilhelmshaven Telematics (WHT). In June 2013, another system was added in preparation for today’s BHT/WHT 2.0 with OSIS. OSIS stands for Open System Integration Server. Dbh’s converter system handles communication with internal systems as well as external customer and partner systems.

data digtial world map

With its functionalities, BHT/WHT 2.0 focuses on the professional processing of the incoming data. OSIS accepts the outgoing messages and distributes the data. The interplay between BHT/WHT 2.0 and OSIS converts different external formats to standard internal formats, and vice versa. Individual needs are taken into account both at the input and at the output of the data. Data processing flows are thus even more reliable, safer and completely traceable.

The number of messages processed shows how well the interaction between the two dbh systems works. In the period June 2013 to February 2016, OSIS processed and transferred a total of 100 million messages! That’s an average of just under 100,000 messages a day. In the entire area of dbh port applications, OSIS processes around 250,000 messages a day and is becoming more and more.