Customs procedure before presentation: The automatic presentation notification

9. Oct 2014 | Business Intformation & Tracking, Customs & Foreign Trade, Customs software, Port management

Up to 30 days before the arrival of the ship, the customs declaration can be submitted before presentation (ZvG) – i.e. before the goods have been physically parked at the terminal. Once these have arrived, customs will need a notification to make the ZvG a final customs declaration and the consignment to be placed under the customs follow-up procedure.

So much for the theory. dbh Logistics IT AG has greatly simplified the practice with the bit application. The information platform Business Information and Tracking provides a large amount of data on containers and thus supports the user in the import and export process. The automated presentation message to the customs office Bremerhaven has been added here at the customs declaration before presentation (module customs). Immediately after deleting the container, BIT transmits the necessary data to customs, so that the early customs declaration becomes a final customs declaration as soon as possible. As a rule, the goods can be transported without delay.

With its three modules Status, Customs and Transport, BIT is a comprehensive and efficient planning and information tool for importers, forwarders and hauliers. In addition to retrieving information and status from all major German seaports, business information and tracking can also trigger various actions on containers, such as the automated delivery message in the free port of Bremerhaven.

As a web application, BIT is available everywhere and around the clock for an automated exchange of information between all parties involved and a more economical handling of the hinterland processes. For more information, please contact or contact the dbh sales team directly at +49 421 30902-700 or