REX – Examination of the reference numbers issued

16. May 2017 | Customs & Foreign Trade, Knowledge, Origin of goods and preferences, Union Customs Code

Since 1 January 2017, the first of the planned IT systems from the UCCwork programme has been implemented and in real operation. Roughly explained, this is an electronic option for certain third countries of the Generalised System of Preferences (GSP) to be able to dispense with the issue of a Form A document or a declaration of origin on the invoice. For this purpose, the person of the exporter of the respective country must be deposited in the European REX (Registrated Exporter) system.

In order to achieve this, it is necessary to submit an application pursuant to Article 86 UCC DVO i.V.m. Annex 22-06 to the UCC DVO. A registration number shall then be issued, which can be indicated in the customs declaration concerned. The German Customs Administration has described the procedure in an ATLAS Info 5159/16 of 30.12.2016. Thus, various TARIC encodings (C100 + U164 to U167 /see ATLAS Info) are provided, which must be registered at the position level.

More about the registered exporter

Further information has been made available compressed by the German Customs Administration on its website

The European Commission has provided an e-learning module for this purpose. This is available via a rex e-Learning leaflet. You can register via the “download form” link.

Furthermore, the REX number already issued and made available to the importer can be checked on the EU side. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to integrate directly into Advantage Customs, as the EU Commission has not yet provided any connectivity. An implementation of the direct connection is currently being examined.