transport logistic 2013: Shipping system with touch function

28. May 2013 | Exhibition, Shipping software, transport logistic, Transport management

The latest development in the corporate portfolio of dbh Logistics IT AG (dbh) is “Advantage Delivery” for controlling shipping processing. At the explicit request of several customers, the software was developed in such a way that important shipping steps can also be carried out via touch screens. At transport logistic (Munich, June 4-7, 2013), the touch extension will be presented to the general public for the first time.

Link between the systems

From packaging to provision in the loading zone to customs declaration – not only the process chain, but also the list of participants in the shipment of goods is long. Shippers often face the challenge of connecting all parties involved in such a way that the lowest possible friction losses occur. Multiple inputs and time losses must be avoided and potential sources of error must be reduced to a minimum. For this purpose, shipping systems are used, which take over the control of internal and external communication, for example between the mail order company and KEP.

dbh Logistics IT AG (dbh) offers such a shipping system with Advantage Delivery. Just in time for the trade fair, the manufacturer has now extended the software with a touch interface to make the operation in the shipping warehouse more comfortable.

Touch function makes application easier

Shipping software Advantage Delivery

With the user interface for touch screens, the essential functions for packaging the goods can be operated directly from the screen. A clear arrangement of the buttons allows the employee to carry out the essential processing steps, such as selection of the package size, packaging of the goods, batch assignment or triggering the KEP label printing, with just a few taps.

“Our customers wanted a shipping system that is not only technically as easy to integrate as possible, but is also easy to learn in operation,” explains Martin de Vries, Head of Division at dbh. “The touch function fully meets these requirements because it follows the well-known processes in the company and is reduced to the essentials. Employees can use the touch interface within a very short time”.

And in another respect, the users were also thought of: the control buttons of the touch surface are large enough to be operated with working gloves.

Automated printer control and built-in tracking

According to the manufacturer, the shipping software Advantage Delivery can be used to control the entire shipping process. In addition to the touchscreen, scanners are also used, so that a keyboard operation is largely obsolete. The software takes over information from existing systems (ERP / WMS / TMS) and bundles it into shipping orders. Several freight orders can be combined into one shipment and thus bundled to different transport service providers (KEP and forwarding agents). Other features include well-thought-out printer control. Here, a separate printer, whether network printers, special label printers or the local printer connected to the workstation, can be controlled automatically for each individual service provider. The software automatically selects the correct printer according to the one-time configuration.

The integrated tracking and tracing allows both package managers and recipients to check the status of goods at any time via web browser. Status retrieval is done directly in Advantage Delivery via an integrated web server.

Shipping software with integrated customs clearance

Automated customs clearance is an additional essential process step in the movement of goods, which should in the best case be directly connected to the dispatch processing. Knowing whether a product has already been approved for transport by customs law and whether all required forms accompany the goods saves trouble and delivery delays.

These requirements can be met with Advantage Delivery thanks to the interface to the certified dbh customs software Advantage Customs.

The transport logistic 2013 will take place from 4-7 June at Messe München. The booth of dbh can be found in hall B2, booth 427/528.