Modern customer management for freight forwarders

CRM with Fiduz

The Fiduz software extension Customer Relationship Management (CRM) supports you in the professional management of your customer relationships. Together with our experienced partner, we provide you with a tool to give you everything you need to know about your customer at a glance.

Deepen your customer relationships

Fiduz CRM is an extension to our forwarding software that is specially tailored to the requirements of the logistics industry. The web application accesses the customer and address data created in Fiduz. This avoids redundant inputs.

An absolute advantage here: The modern user interface of the CRM tool is optimized for touchpads, smartphones and tablet PCs! Field sales staff can prepare and follow up customer appointments efficiently and from anywhere.

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CRM especially for freight forwarders and logisticians

The CRM tool enables you to actively establish and expand customer relationships. Evaluate your customers based on individual criteria. The complete application system for your customer and sales data is equipped with the following functions:

  • Quickly find the data you need
  • Integrated offer follow-up
  • Coverage of competitors
  • Integration of orders (shipment data)

The Fiduz software extension continues to impress with its high functionality and user-friendliness. The special, automatic resubmission system for scheduling keeps the sales cycle flowing. In addition, you can use a graphical representation to display your customers or their locations in the surrounding area.

Achieve the decisive competitive advantage

By using Fiduz in conjunction with the CRM extension, you can achieve decisive competitive advantages.