ProAlert Email

Users of Bremen port telematics, ALPO and other dbh products, we provide the additional service ProAlert E-Mail

Cost trap MRN exam: Save time and money – act quickly

Many exporters check uncompleted or cancelled MRNs manually and by telephone. This takes time and often leads to time delays due to limited service hours, which cost cash. The additional service ProAlert E-Mail saves users of Bremen Port Telematics, Wilhelmshaven Telematics and Advantage Local Port Order.



Your benefits with ProAlert email

  • Automatic information receipt
  • Always the right contact person
  • Multiple alerts summarized in one e-mail
  • Notification regardless of service/office hours
  • Risk and cost reduction of non-loading

Be notified when you want

Get automatically notified by e-mail of unfinished and cancelled MRNs – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The check takes place at 10-minute intervals – you decide how often you want to be informed.

Independent audit

ProAlert E-Mail informs you about all business cases – containers, general cargo, automobiles and much more. It does not matter which tool you use for order entry and which technique is used to transmit the data.


Error Categories - Selection

  • Error in matching customs data in port order
  • Missing customs clearance despite complete submission
  • Error message or information from ATLAS-AES
  • Measures imposed by customs (stop of loading, controls)
  • Missing customs clearance despite terminal-out etc.

Always properly addressed

The recipient of the alarm notification is read from the status lines of the port order if necessary. In addition, a fixed recipient is determined from the customer table. You will receive only one mail per shipping process and MRN, several alarm messages will be combined. You select the error categories yourself.

Reduced risk

If you are warned in good time, you can act quickly – the risk of non-loading is reduced and you save demurragen and standing money.

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