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portos Harbour Master

With the portos Hafenmeister you have a solution to efficiently handle the public tasks in the inland port. It does not matter whether the tasks in the area of the port office or private sector are organized. Especially for small and medium-sized ports with a capacity of 200,000 to 10 million tonnes per year, the portos port master is a simplification for carrying out the tasks. Port customers can gain access to the system and enter ship registrations and port orders independently.

The main functions of the Hafenmeister module are:

  • Ship registration
  • Location disposition
  • Status information on ship and cargo
  • Port order
  • Fee and performance settlement
  • Reporting
portos Harbour Master

Advantages of portos Hafenmeister

Administrative processes are significantly accelerated with porto’s harbour master. The fee calculator handles standard operations in the shortest possible time and ensures that nothing remains uncalculated.

Higher-level services, port customers and security authorities expect up-to-date information. All relevant information is always available by documenting all operations. The system can also be used as a reliable port logbook.


portos Harbour Master in brief

  • Ship registration by phone, agent or internet
  • Service ordering electronically or conventionally
  • Location scheduling – locks, access channels and port card with time assignment
  • Equipment disposition – personnel, sick/reach stackers, tugs and electricity access
  • Service delivery – crane/handling services, re-recovery, tug service, mooring and energy/water supply
  • Billing – performance check/approval, single or collective invoice, electronic shipping, invoice outgoing book and interface FiBu
  • Reports – Automated for state statistical offices, standard reports available and individual reports easily created

Record ship registrations

Ships are registered with cargo and technical characteristics. This is done via Internet, e-mail, telephone, document or personal consultation. With mobile terminals, ship recoveries can be registered directly in the port. All ship movements are displayed tabularly and also on the electronic port map.

Dislocated berths

With portos harbour masters, the berths are dispatched and monitored. The disposition also includes infrastructure elements of the port, such as locks and access channels.

The dispatcher works with tabular inputs or directly in the graphical display. The current ship states are displayed differently in color. Plan data and historical data are easy to view.

Manage port orders

Small and medium-sized ports in particular often fulfil the functions of a terminal and receive corresponding port orders. In addition to equipment planning, these activities also require the recording and settlement of services. This includes, among other things, port money, crane times, handling services and other services such as recreation, tug service, mooring, land connection, etc.

The services are requested or ordered by the client electronically or conventionally from the Port Office. The harbour master confirms the orders after the scheduling of equipment and personnel and proposes suitable appointments. After completion, a feedback is provided in the system by the shift managers with the determined actual data. If authorized, the client can inform himself at any time about the status of the commissioned work


Settle port orders

portos Hafenmeister includes a billing program for convenient settlement of port orders. Here, the work done is first finally reviewed and then released for invoicing.

A monitoring program ensures that no performance is uncalculated. A correction of the approved services and thus the invoice is possible at any time.

portos Hafenmeister supports individual and collective invoices on a fixed month date. Electronic invoicing is also possible. After closing time (at the end of the day or billing month), the invoice outgoing book is printed. It is sent to the general ledger system, such as DATEV, via an interface, together with the corresponding invoices.

Automatic reporting

The reporting system automatically provides reports for the state and federal statistical offices. In addition to the standard evaluations provided, individual reports can be created particularly easily by transferring data to MS Excel.

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