With Cargo Online to the Cloud

19. Oct 2015 | Cloud, Forwarding software, Transport management

Without modern information and communication technology, the import and export business has long since ceased to be possible. The technology is becoming more and more complex, legal requirements are constantly changing, new software updates have to be installed and the interaction of the components does not always work smoothly. Maintenance and maintenance of the systems can therefore consume enormous amounts of time and money and present a non-expert with almost insurmountable hurdles.

INTRAC H. Fehrmann GmbH (INTRAC) also faced this challenge. The forwarding company with an international orientation offers a comprehensive range of services – accordingly, the requirements in daily business are high, which require comprehensive know-how. In order to concentrate on its core competencies, INTRAC has decided to outsource another, equally complex area to dbh Logistics IT AG (dbh): Information Technology (IT).

Relief for the core business

INTRAC not only sought the greatest possible relief from the it tasks involved, but also wanted to equip itself optimally for smooth and efficient operation. In particular, the following areas were addressed:

  • Outsourcing of IT in the field of communication (e-mail)
  • Bringing forwarding software up to date
  • Flexible access to all applications, regardless of location

The aim was to minimize the necessary maintenance by using your own hardware in the smallest possible way. And in this context, at the same time, the optimization of expenses incurred. In order to reconcile these requirements, all relevant solution providers have been evaluated in detail. In addition to the costs, the selection criteria also included the scope of services and the ease of use of the applications.

Mobile work: Access from anywhere with Cargo Online from the cloud

“We decided on dbh after careful consideration,” says Michael Reidl, Managing Director of INTRAC H. Fehrmann GmbH. “Our companies already have a trusting cooperation and in addition, dbh has offered us the most attractive solution package.”

For example, the entire IT of INTRAC was outsourced by dbh to ASP operation (“Application Service Providing”). ASP is a form ofso-called” cloud computing “, which means that the software no longer runs on in-house servers, but in an external data center – in this case that of dbh Logistics IT AG. The use is carried out via a secure data connection. Maintenance and updates of the systems are now within the remit of dbh, while users at INTRAC only need a slim, internet-enabled computer.

In the background, a so-called Citrix farm is used – a server network that shows users a modern user interface and gives them access to the latest versions of Microsoft Office (e.g. Word, Excel and Outlook). The FREIGHT ONLINE forwarding software is also used in ASP operation. A large number of application servers result in automatic load distribution and thus guarantee optimal resource utilization of the applications.

CARGO ONLINE has various modules that cover every application from air or sea freight to land transport and warehouse management. The connection to other solutions, for example for customs clearance, is possible without any problems. Maintenance, support and further development of the software are also provided by dbh. Users don’t have to worry about anything.

IT outsourcing: Everything from a single source

For INTRAC, moving the entire IT into ASP operations offers a number of advantages:

  • All applications are always up-to-date without the company having to worry about them
  • The maintenance is also done by dbh
  • A large one-off investment is not required – billing is done monthly
  • All functions can be accessed at any time from anywhere, even with mobile devices

ASP technology allows even small and medium-sized enterprises without their own IT department to stay up-to-date with the latest technology. INTRAC receives the know-how, its contact persons for forwarding software and office solutions from a single source – namely from dbh.

“By outsourcing our IT, we can fully focus on our core competencies and strengths,” says Michael Reidl, adding: “And we know that with dbh we have a reliable partner at our back.”