CARGO ONLINE Module Sea Freight

Sea freight handling with CARGO ONLINE

Especially for sea freight forwarders, CARGO ONLINE contains the module Sea Freight, which in turn is divided into different areas and covers all aspects of sea freight handling.

All functions for sea freight handling in one software

In convenient master data management, your sea freight tariffs as well as data for credit limit monitoring can be set. In the case of order attachment, an automatic check is carried out in the background, the same applies to the integrated sanctioned list check. In addition, the List&Label function makes it easy and quick to design and/or customize forms yourself.


Benefits of sea freight handling

  • Order and document management
  • Takeover function of master data
  • Copy function for fast data collection
  • Individual form and template design
  • Connection to INTTRA
  • Plausibility checks
  • Workflow definition

Customers who rely on CARGO ONLINE

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Interfaces to port systems and shipping companies

With our software for sea freight handling, we want to make your work as easy as possible. This is why CARGO ONLINE Sea Freight has interfaces to port systems and shipping companies.

Interface to BHT, WHT, ZAPP, Portbase and APCS

The CARGO ONLINE Sea Freight module has interfaces to the German port systems in Bremen/Bremerhaven, Wilhelmshaven and Hamburg, through which, for example, port orders and container/customs status requests can be made. Internationally, there are connections to the Dutch ports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam, as well as the Belgian ports of Antwerp and Zeebrugge. In addition, the ship lists for Bremen/ Bremerhaven and Hamburg as well as the electronic dispatch of B/L instructions are available.

Interface to INTTRA

The new INTTRA module in CARGO ONLINE simplifies communication with shipowners in sea freight processing. It offers you the possibility to place your ship bookings at 94% of all shipowners worldwide directly from CARGO ONLINE and to receive feedback from the shipowners directly in CARGO ONLINE.

Thanks to the integration into CARGO ONLINE, the data is transferred directly to the largest shipping platform and no longer has to be recorded twice. This not only saves time, but also costs.

Orders, costs and billing always in view

The sea freight module supports sea freight forwarding in all tasks of sea freight handling. From B/L recording to cost recording and billing.

Management of sea freight orders

The automatic order entry supports the user with many useful functions. Time savings and effort minimization are in the foreground. For example, orders and sublines can be copied. Creating order templates creates recurring orders quickly and easily. In addition, the data from recorded quotes can be transferred directly to orders and invoicing.

B/L capture? No prob! In addition, you can easily import shipment details, such as packing lists. Individual shipment items incl. Weights etc. are available automatically and without typing in the order.

Efficient billing of sea freight

As in the order area, you can design your own templates here, for example, for specific items for standard transactions. In order to operate efficiently, the module is equipped with interfaces to financial accounting systems, such as DATEV.

Integrated cost recording

In this area is the forwarding book with recording of the calculation costs or income including provisions and real costs. This way you can quickly see the profit per shipment.

Recommended by DATEV

As a certified DATEV software partner, dbh offers CARGO ONLINE, a solution that is optimally connected to DATEV programs and complements them sensibly.

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