We provide the central platform known as the Port Community System (PCS) for electrical communication at the ports in Bremen, Bremerhaven and at the new deep-water port in Wilhelmshaven. The system networks various EDP systems from the transport industry, the railway industry and authorities, in order to enable seamless communication in ports, regardless of the hardware and software that is used.

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Port telematics

Bremer Hafentelematik

 Bremer Hafentelematik (BHT) is operated by dbh and is the central communication platform used by the ports in Bremen. The functions can be accessed via a web browser, meaning that there is no need to invest in expensive hardware and software. Find out how you could benefit from Bremer Hafentelematik.

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Wilhelmshaven Telematik

As a data hub in a modern IT infrastructure, Wilhelmshaven Telematik (WHT) enables transshipment processes for all goods shipments to be captured and processed efficiently and smoothly at the Wilhelmshaven port. Find out how you can benefit from the system too.

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Other solutions Other products from the Port Community System.

In addition to Bremer Hafentelematik and Wilhelmshaven Telematik, we also provide other solutions as part of the Port Community System. Find out how our solutions can be used to control truck and railway processes, retrieve container information and carry out reporting formalities.

ALPO. Advantage Logistics and Port Organisation

Advantage Logistics and Port Organisation (ALPO) is the central platform for the handling of port orders in all German sea ports, as well as western ports in Belgium and the Netherlands.

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ANSW. Advantage National Single Window

Advantage National Single Window

With Advantage National Single Window, we provide software that can be used to fulfil the reporting formalities required for the arrival of ships in all German sea ports in accordance with EU Directive 2010/65 from 1 June 2015.

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BIT. Business Information & Tracking.

As a directory assistance platform, Business Information & Tracking (known in short as BIT) delivers a wide range of data about your containers and supports you through the import and export processes. With this platform, you have access to different modules that you can combine to suit the amount of information you require. 

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BIP. Business Integration Platform.

Business Integration Platform (BIP) displays the entire passage of goods in the ports in Bremen, and therefore enables consistent processing.

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CODIS. Central Organising, Dispatching and Information System

CODIS is the central communication platform for railway freight transport in ports. Since as early as 2008, container terminals in Bremerhaven owned by EUROGATE, MSC and NTB have been operated exclusively using CODIS with data for the loading/shipping scheduling.

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We offer various solutions for global transmission of the VGM to shipping companies — from direct connection with any types of scales, to data transmission via an interface through to Excel uploads and web front ends. 

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