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Free trade agreements

What are free trade agreements and which are the European Union’s agreements? How do companies benefit from free trade? Our dbh knowledge on free trade agreements answers these questions and even more.

Take a look and learn more about free trade in general and the agreements in particular.

Home Office Hacks

Corona has changed a lot. In particular, the handling of home office and mobile office. We asked our colleagues for the best tips & tricks for the home office.

This is how our dbh Home Office hacks came about

dbh Home Office Hacks


We have compiled knowledge and background information about ATLAS ZELOS for you.

Learn more about digital document exchange with customs

Sales tax reform 2020

We have compiled knowledge and background information on the sales tax reform 2020 for you.

Find out what to look out for in the future when trading goods in the Internal Market.

Registered exporter

What is a REX and how do you become that? Who has to become a registered exporter and how does the REX number build up?

We address these and other questions in our dbh knowledge.

“Change your password” tag

Every year since 2012 is the “Change your password” tag on February 1st.

Deshab we have compiled our best tips and hints for a secure password for you.

22Change your password22 tag

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