Brexit is a reality

The United Kingdom finally completed its withdrawal from the EU on 01.01.2021. This means that the UK is no longer part of the EU single market and customs union, but a third country.

We explain who is affected by Brexit and what changes Brexit has brought on our topics page.

Elementary changes in all areas

Brexit has fundamentally changed the movement of goods between Europe and the UK. Companies from all industries had to adapt to this new situation. Whether retail, e-commerce, industry, pharmaceuticals, freight forwarding or agriculture – changes have occurred for all companies.

Because regardless of the Brexit agreement concluded on 29/12/2020:

As of 01 January 2021, new customs regulations apply to trade with the United Kingdom. A European EORI number is mandatory for imports and exports. Export and import bans on chemical products, waste and dual-use goods now also apply to the UK.

The trade agreement between the EU and the UK prevents tariffs from being levied on goods with preferential EU or UK origin. However, this only applies if the preferential origin can also be proven. If no origin can be proved or if the goods originate from other countries, customs duties are payable despite the agreement.

Brexit - UK leaves the EU

EU-UK Free Trade Agreement

On our info page you will find the most important points from the trade and cooperation agreement between the EU and the United Kingdom.

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Brexit FAQ

Wir haben die wichtigsten Fragen zur Umstellung für Sie beantwortet

Are you affected by the brexite?

Do you meet one or more of the following criteria?

  • We supply goods or provide services to the United Kingdom
  • We receive goods or services from Great Britain
  • We have UK materials or products in our supply chain
  • We have existing contracts with British contract partners
  • In my company there are flows of goods between the UK and another EU Member State (not necessarily Germany)
  • I am a freight forwarder or transport goods to or through Great Britain
  • We work together with British auditors
  • We regularly send employees to Great Britain
  • We are planning or making investments in Great Britain
  • We use markings (e.g. CE) from Great Britain

Then you are affected by Brexit and should look into the issue further. We have summarized some information on customs and foreign trade for you. The free checklist can be used to provide a wide range of assistance Are you ready for Brexit” by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which covers 18 issues that you should consider and strategically assess for yourself.


Brexit Info Webinar OnDemand

In our OnDemand Info Webinar we will explain the background to Brexit.

We advise you on brexite

Brexite News

Brexit – Country codes Customs declarations

Brexit – Country codes Customs declarations

No official ATLAS Participant Information >/g> is yet available from the customs administration for the adaptations of the country codes in customs declarations for Great Britain, Northern Ireland and British Special Areas . The Federal Statistical Office has...

Brexit: UK publishes customs tariff tool

Brexit: UK publishes customs tariff tool

There is still time until 31.12.2020 to conclude a free trade agreement between the EU and the UK (UK). Then the transition period for Brexitends. Boris Johnson continues to hold on to this date. It is not yet clear what will come next. Negotiations between the EU and...

Brexit: Britain to leave the European Union on 31.01.2020

Brexit: Britain to leave the European Union on 31.01.2020

Über dreieinhalb Jahre nachdem die Briten für den Austritt aus der EU gestimmt haben und nach einigen Verschiebungen und vielen Streitereien tritt Großbritannien nun tatsächlich am 31.01.2020  mit einem Übergangsabkommen aus der EU aus. Das britische Parlament hatte...

Brexit postponement to October 31

Brexit postponement to October 31

After several votes in the British Parliament failed, Theresa May had asked for Brexit to be postponed. At a special EU summit on 10 April, May agreed with the remaining 27 EU states to postpone Brexit to 31 October....

Britain wants to postpone Brexit

Britain wants to postpone Brexit

After the 12. and On 13 March, Parliament voted by a large majority to postpone Brexit, with or without an exit agreement in the British Parliament. Now Mrs May must campaign for a postponement in the EU, because Britain alone cannot decide that the date will be...

Brexit: State of play on exit negotiations

Brexit: State of play on exit negotiations

In mid-March, the Commission published the current state of play of the Withdrawal Agreement with the United Kingdom. The 130-page document marks the sections in which both parties have already agreed on the wording, including the articles on the design of the...

Brexit white paper: Brexit and possible consequences

Brexit white paper: Brexit and possible consequences

On 23 June 2016, the British voted in favour of Brexit with around 52 percent of the vote in a referendum. Brexit is a combination of "Britain" and "Exit." After more than 40 years of membership, the art word stands for Britain's exit from the European Union - the...

Brexit Whitepaper

We have compiled an informative Brexit Whitepaper for you. Learn in our Whitepaper

  • Customs clearance for import and export
  • Prohibitions and restrictions
  • Origin of goods and preferences
  • Ireland question
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