ELECTRONIC DOCUMENT FOLDER The e-Folder in Advantage Customs

Reduced costs, quick and location-independent access. The list of reasons why electronic document storage is becoming increasingly more prominent is a long one. Advantage Customs also offers the opportunity to create an electronic document folder, the e-Folder.


Every customs operation can be assigned with as many documents as desired. The documents (e.g. contractual customs information, photos, samples etc.) are stored centrally on a server. In accordance with the Cloud concept, you can access these folders from all over the world, provided that Advantage Customs is installed.

Transparent processes

The user name, date and optional comments are saved with each document. This ensures that all processes remain transparent for all parties involved.

SECURITY Secure data in the dbh data centre

The e-Folders are stored on the server on which Advantage Customs is hosted. As an ASP customer, you use the dbh data centre in Bremen. At this location, the protection and security of your data is ensured.

File management using drag & drop

To add files, simply drag these into the document folder using the drag & drop function. If you want to edit files, then you can also drag these out of the folder and copy them to your desktop or to another location using the drag & drop function.

Adding files

You decide whether you want to upload a file directly in the e-Folder or just create a link to a file. When creating a link, it is worth considering that all participants can directly modify the original file, provided they have access to the directory the file is stored in.

Your benefits with the e-Folder

  • Central access to all files from Advantage Customs
  • Save as many documents as you like
  • Supports all data formats (PDF, email etc.)
  • Reliable data backup (when operated in dbh data centre)
  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Locate files quickly via a direct link for each operation

Functional and easy to understand

The most important functions for adding, deleting and editing files and comments can easily be called up via the context menu (right mouse button).

Add comments to files — either when you upload the file or at a later point in time via the context menu. For each file, the user name of the creator and the creation date are also recorded.

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