Receiving information promptly is an important requirement for all areas of any company involved in transportation. This means that the logistics industry faces requirements to promptly inform the recipient when a shipment of goods is opened. On the other hand, it is also of interest for the main supplier to receive information regarding the arrival of the goods with the recipient.

As part of their service package, service providers want to be able to inform their customers about the actual status of an import customs clearance process, a storage operation or an export transaction, in order to ensure transparency in the transport of goods.

EMAIL FUNCTION Advantage Customs supports all requirements

With Advantage Customs, you have the option to send automated and action-related emails, relating to goods shipments and exports, to the goods recipients or service companies involved. Advantage Customs provides supporting functions to simplify communications for the most crucial processes.

Your benefits from the email function

  • Automatic and action-related email distribution
  • For all shipments of goods and exports
  • Inform all involved parties at the push of a button
  • Simple communication
  • Receive information quickly
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Simple communication Get to grips with communication processes with the Advantage Customs email function

NCTS process

After setting up transit arrangements in NCTS, emails can be created automatically in Advantage Customs and sent to a recipient who is stored for the relevant process. The email contains the Transit Accompanying Document or the account opening document as an attachment, and "NCTS – zV/NV opened" is added to the subject line.

The email is triggered by receipt of the message E_ZV_MAN or E_ZV_AUT in the simplified procedure or E_TN_ACK in the normal procedure.

In the NCTS section for authorised consignees in Advantage Customs, an email to a selected recipient can be triggered as soon as the unloading permission (E_UP) is received.

Alternatively, this is also possible upon issuing of the note of receipt. The subject line of the email contains the MRN and contains the message "received by authorised consignee". A PDF document providing a clear overview of the information in the note of receipt is attached to the email.

Summary declaration for temporary storage

In the Summary declaration for temporary storage section, it is useful and important to be informed about upcoming deadlines. Using this email function, it is possible to enter an advance warning period in days before the deadline to enter the stock of the summary declaration for temporary storage. With this option, you receive an automated message with a list of summary declaration processes for which the deadline for declaration expires in the next few days.

AES Automated Export System — ATLAS Export

After an export procedure has been opened/presented, the AES section enables users to generate automatic emails in Advantage Customs. These emails are simultaneously sent to a recipient that is entered for the procedure. More than one email address can be specified for a procedure.

The recipient can be notified for various actions, such as acceptance, release of goods, inspection, refusal to accept, cancellation, confirmation of exit etc.

The contents of the email subject line can also be configured. Dynamic values such as the reference number, the destination country, MRN, user, place of loading etc. can be inserted in the email's subject line.

Cross-procedural updates on customs status

Emails from the user can be sent at all stages in the customs clearance process when there is a change in the status of the goods as a result of a response from customs (release of goods, error message, rejection of goods etc.) or due to the declaration data. Customs documents, such as the tax assessment notice, can be sent as an attachment in the form of a PDF file.

It should be noted here that sending emails does not have any legal relevance, but is simply a method for quickly and simply communicating information.

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Even more expansions Expand our software to suit your requirements

With the function expansion from Advantage Customs, you can adapt the customs software to suit your requirements. Find out more about the functions and expansions that can be added to Advantage Customs:

SAP plug-ins and ERP connection

With plug-ins from dbh, you can easily add modules such as ATLAS/AES Export, Entry Certificate etc. to your SAP system. Other ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning systems) can also be expanded with modules from Advantage Customs.


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