ENTRY CERTIFICATES With Advantage Customs and SAP

After intensive discussions and a revision to the Turnover Tax Implementing Regulation (in accordance with Section 17a of UStDV), the entry certificate came into effect on 01/10/2013.

Entry certificate Obligation to provide proof for intra-Community deliveries within Europe

Since this obligation was put into effect, entry certificates have been considered as valid proof for all types of transport, along with other forms of evidence. And you cannot get around this by disputing the obligation to provide proof or origin for transportations within Europe.

We have expanded our Advantage Customs software with a feature that simplifies the process for creating, sending and managing entry certificates. This feature also makes it easy to send reminders when entry certificates have not been acknowledged. Depending on your requirements, we can provide the function either as an SAP plug-in or as an interface for integration in your system environment.

Creating, managing and sending

Entry certificates can be created from directly within Advantage Customs or SAP.

For each manually recorded entry certificate transaction and each entry certificate transaction generated using the data provided, a PDF document is created for handover to the consignee.

Along with shipment data (sender, customer, date, goods data), this PDF document contains the framework data for the transaction (transaction number, date, recipient email address etc.).

Automated processes

You can automate and simplify your processes using the email distribution function and the online portal for entry certificates.

A request for confirmation in the form of an email is sent to the recipient. The email contains:

  • a link to the online portal for entry certificates ("Quick Link"), where the customer either confirms or rejects the arrival,
  • information regarding economic data and the request for confirmation.

The entry certificate document can be downloaded via the quick link in the online portal for entry certificates.

Your benefits

  • Compliance with the legal obligations to provide proof (UStDV)
  • Transparent status display
  • Complete integration in Advantage Customs and SAP
  • High level of flexibility with regards to pre-filling of documents
  • Revision-proof document storage
  • Quicker processing at the customer's end
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COMPLETE FLEXIBILITY It is possible to create individual and collective confirmations

Whether you would like to submit entry certificates for each transport or submit quarterly collective entry certificates — it is entirely up to you. Legislators accept both options.

Overview of functions

  • Create entry certificates
  • Manage and monitor entry certificates
  • Read incoming entry certificates
  • Status management and status tracking
  • Adjustable reminder functions for entry certificates that have not been acknowledged
  • Master data management of business partners
  • Support for multiple languages (German, English, French and other languages upon request)
  • Create individual or collective entry certificates
  • Archive electronically acknowledged entry certificates
  • Search and print function

Background knowledge on entry certificates

The entry certificate was introduced on 01/01/2012 and was intended to replace the previously valid form of evidence. However, there were numerous protests from the business world, which resulted in there being no objections when evidence was provided in line with the old legislation. This has now changed, as a revision of the controversial version of the underlying Turnover Tax Implementing Regulation (UStDV — Umsatzsteuer-Durchführungsverordnung) has been agreed upon by the German Bundesrat. This new version came into effect in autumn of 2013. Since the effective date of the new legislation, 01/10/2013, for all modes of transport, the entry certificate is considered as valid proof for intra-Community supplies. Alternative forms of evidence can be used when third parties, such as freight forwarding companies, are involved in the transport process.

Are you interested in this product? Our sales team will be happy to advise you so that you can find the perfect solution for your company.

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SAP plug-ins and ERP connection

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