The "User-Defined Actions" function offers users of Advantage Customs the opportunity to define actions for commodity codes or commodity groups and additional criteria. These actions are then implemented for the entry of customs declarations. It can be specified whether an action should be applied in the import, export and/or dispatch section of Advantage Customs. 

Using this feature, you can define your own fault messages and notifications that will be displayed to the user when recording and lodging a customs declaration.


Auto-fill actions for documents can be defined with just a single mouse click. As a result of this, you can create and assign the required shipment documents for all items in an import, export or shipping procedure. This is applied to all relevant commodity codes and can be performed at the push of a button.

Define actions independently

You can specify three types of actions that will be performed by Advantage Customs

  • Creation of error messages
  • Display of notes
  • Data generation for documents


Destination countries, article numbers etc.

Excluded destination countries

When the action should be applied to all destination countries except a particular group of countries.

Article numbers

When the action should only be applied to goods with certain article numbers.

Excluded article numbers

When the action should be applied to all goods with a certain commodity code, but not to those that also have one of the specified article numbers.


Articles with the commodity code "31023010" are not permitted to be exported to Iran. In order to prevent this, an action like that shown in the image above should be created.

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