What is a supplier declaration and what is it for?

A  supplier declaration for goods with preferential origin status  is a declaration on the origin of a product in terms of preferential law. A supplier declaration serves as proof to the exporter when applying for or issuing a proof of preference (movement certificate EUR.1, EUR-MED or declaration of origin on the invoice). A  supplier declaration  explains to the customer the future export processes for which the delivered goods will qualify for preference. 

Obligation to check the proofs of preference

If the exporter applies for  proof of preference, then it is responsible for ensuring that it has provided correct information regarding the origin of goods in terms of preferential law. The exporter is also obligated to check and document the origin of goods in terms of preferential law in accordance with the  rules of origin defined in the preferential agreement between the European Community/European Union and the import country in question. This check covers all goods that the exporter wishes to export, i.e. both goods that have been processed or finished at the exporter's premises in the European Community, as well as purely trade goods. To make this check easier, the exporter can request  supplier declarations from its suppliers in accordance with Articles 61 to 65 of the Implementing Act (EU) 2015/2447 for the Union Customs Code  as proof of the  origin of the supplied goods in terms of preferential law . 


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