From BHT 2.0 order types to dandruff codes to commodity codes. Here you will find the most important codings for transport processing in the ports.

Types of orders

Key values for the creation and processing of port orders:

Container types

Key values of container designs in port orders:

Dangerous Goods UN Numbers

Key values for the detailed indication of dangerous goods in accordance with UN coding:

Dangerous Goods Classes (IMDG)

Key values for the classification of dangerous goods according to IMDG:

Container Lengths

Key values of the length specification for containers:

Shipowner Code (CTOS)

Key values of shipowners for indication in port orders and feedback:

BHT 2.0 Error Codes

Key values of the BHT 2.0 error codes in feedback:

Container ISO Codes

Key ISO encoding values for container types:

Countries (EU)

List of EU Member States:

Countries (UN)

List of all countries according to the UN code:

UN location codes

List of all goods locations (5 digits) if location information is necessary:

Relations/driving areas

Key values of the destinations specified in the UN location codes:

Scale codes

Key values of handling plants/sheds for the preparation of port orders:


Key values of the messages when creating and acknowledging port orders:

Status line message texts

Key values of the status lines in feedback on port orders:

Envelope instructions

Key values for the handover of special handling instructions to the contractor (dandruff/terminal):

Envelope Price Classes

Key values for categorying price ranges:

Packaging codes

Key values for specifying packaging in port orders:

Packaging codes (dangerous goods)

Key values for indicating packaging for dangerous goods:

Commodity codes

Key values for specifying the types of goods in port orders:


Key values for the detailed indication of wagon types for port orders by rail:

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